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1 week later

Mary's POV
I wake up not ready for the day. I felt broken in a way .

I get to school it's raining , sad and gloomy .  I love rainy days it relaxes me just looking at the water fall and the sound of water is so soothing.

I walk into my first and I immediately hear the soothing sound of the water .

5th period

I walk into my 5th period and see Ethan with his hood again this time he looks at me . He looks sad and tired like he hasn't slept for a week .

Today we have a sub so Today we have a free period .

I get in my seat i try to talk to him but he gets shy .

I noticed he has his cute little glasses again .

"Hey Dolan what's up ." I get the courage to say after a week.

He doesn't reply .

"Are you mad at me ?" I ask him .

He still doesn't reply .

I grab his face and make him face me I see he has tears rolling down his eyes.

"Yes ....... I'm very mad . You always mess everything up with me and my girls . Ever since I met you you have only hurt me ." He replies crying throughout the whole sentence .

My eyes fill up with tears . I pull up my hood and look down at my desk .

"Can we take this outside." I say softly .

He gets up and walks out I follow behind.

We go out to the guys locker room .

"What else do you want to talk about that you caused." He said In a low voice.

"I'm sorry I caused things to happen to you. I really didn't mean anything. I'm sorry for hurting you in ways I never ever knew I did ."I tell him meaning everything I said and bawling tears.

"Don't say your sorry it's fucking annoying how everyone says they're sorry when they really are not ." He exclaims.

"You know what it's fine you don't need me and I shouldn't need you ." I tell him now with my eyes flooded with tears .

I walk out the locker room leaving him there speechless then I walk out .

I got stopped in the hallway by Ethan again.

"What do you want now Dolan." I said frustrated.

"You ruined me."he whispered in my ear .

I didn't even make eye contact with him .I just turned around and saw Grayson with an angry expression on his face .

"Ethan quit being a dick to her and tell her you fucking like her !" He shouts .

" why would i ever like this slut ."Ethan replies back .

Grayson pulls out Ethan's phone out of his pocket ,and the wallpaper shows a picture of me and him hugging we took a while ago .

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