Angelic Sins: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11:

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. – Helen Keller

            I awake in the morning. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life. This is also the first time I’ve woken up with a smile on my face. Happiness. True happiness; is this what it feels like? I look beside me to see Olivia. She is absolutely beautiful. I caress her soft brunette hair. The long locks slides through my fingertips. The smile on my face never falters.

                I’m hungry beyond all belief. Olivia took all my energy last night and it wore me out. At least with Divinity I fed afterwards. I wouldn’t bite Olivia without her wanting me to. I feel so incredibly weak though. I should go out and feed, but it is daylight. I do not know if I can still travel in it.

                I choose to lie back down and cuddle with Olivia’s naked body. Every inch of her is perfect. I’ve never seen a more gorgeous body in my life. Divinity has a nearly perfect body as well, but it didn’t draw to him as much as Olivia’s did. This body lying next to him he just wanted to hold. He didn’t care about anything else, but just to have it in his arms was the best feeling of the world.

                She stirs in her sleep as I put my arms back around her. I kiss the top of her head and taste strawberries on her hair. It’s amazing how even being trapped in a dungeon and being incredibly dirty that she still tastes like strawberries.

I can feel my arm burning and I look to see steam coming off of it. I take it away and look at it. I remember now she only gave me permission for the night. Smart girl. She knew that she couldn’t remember everything about him, so she only allowed him access last night. It is a shame though; I wished to continue cuddling with her.

I get up and head into the kitchen. I don’t bother looking for my pants as I remember she ripped them to shreds getting them off last night. She must have really been in the mood. I’ve been in the mood with her since I first met her. Something about her always kept me on edge.

I look around the kitchen and fridge looking for something to cook her. Just because I can’t eat doesn’t mean I can’t make sure she gets something. Most of the cabinets are empty. I find some eggs in the fridge though and pull them out. I set them on the counter and grab a loaf of bread. I cut holes in the bread and throw them on a frying pan. Next I crack the eggs inside the hole of the bread. I also cook the holes as side bread. Once I’m done I set the plate on the counter.

I feel a presence behind me as I turn around. Olivia stands there and smiles. She is still nude. I imagine she doesn’t have any other robes now that they’re torn. Strangely I can keep my eyes away from her chest and into her eyes. I smile and so does she.

“Good morning,” I say. I step back and hold the chair out for her to be seated.

She comes closer to me and puts her hand on my cheek. She kisses me and I taste strawberries and cream. This time it burns, but I do not release the kiss. I let the pain flow through me because the reward is worth it. She sits down and lets me slide the chair in for her.

“You still don’t remember do you?” I ask. I’m worried about her memories as I grab a chair and sit down next to her.

“I do… Tristan. I remember last night perfectly. The love we made… it was the most amazing thing I’ve experienced both as human and angel. I remember everything now. I think my mind just needed a rest,” she says. She looks to me her eyes sparkling.

“You remember? And you… still want to be with me?” I ask. My mind is twisting in a thousand directions of happiness and confusion.

“Yes… I do… somehow I think I’ve always wanted to. I’ve just always been too scared to admit it. I know we seem wrong together, but when we kiss… it feels so right. Doesn’t it?” she asks. She looks up to me and awaits my answer. I can feel cold chills across my body as her eyes look into mine.

“I… umm… Olivia… I’ve always wanted you. Since the first time I’ve laid my eyes on you. When I got to know you my feelings only increased. I didn’t know you felt the same towards me; after all I’m a vampire. You’re here to exterminate us. Is there a cure for me? Is there a way we can be together?”  I ask.

“I do not know. Let’s just worry about what happens now.” She says. She takes a bite of her eyes. “Wow… how can you cook when you can’t eat?”

“I watch a lot of TV, there’s a cooking channel I like to watch,” I say. I can actually cook quite a bit of good things. Or so I believe I can. I can’t actually taste any of it.

She finishes her food and takes the plate to the sink. I stand up and follow behind her. As she rinses her dish I put my arms around her and kiss her neck. I want to bite it. I want to taste her blood. I wonder if it tastes like strawberries as well.

She turns around and kisses me passionately. I embrace it. I only wish it wouldn’t stop. After a few minutes she starts to lose control again and her hands wander. Quickly she backs up.

“Would you like to come patrolling tonight with me?” She asks. She looks into my eyes and bites her bottom lips, gently letting it fall from her teeth.

“Yes… that would be great, are you going to be okay? You’re wing looks pretty bad.” I say. I’ve been looking forward to helping her out against the vampires at night.

“Yes, I’m strong enough. I don’t want to rest too long. My strength is almost back. My wing is going to take months to heal.” She says. Her face looks grim, saddened by the fact that her wing isn’t there.

“I’ll come with you and protect you,” I say. I smile and wink at her as I look into her eyes.

“Protect me? I don’t need protection.” She says. She turns away and stares off into the distance.

“I beg to differ after last night. Sakura is out to get you. I’m not going to let her get you.” I say. I speak strong now, but I can hear the shakiness in my voice. I think she can tell too as she steps closer to me and looks into my eyes.

“I’ll be just fine. As you said, I have you now. I know you’ll protect me,” She says. Her eyes flutter as they look into mine. All I want to do is embrace her.

I watch as she turns and walks into the living room. Kneels down and pets her dog. Their personalities match each other, both loving, both caring. I walk past them and sit on the couch. She looks up to me now and smiles. I’m glad she has the curtains closed or I’d be fried on this couch.

“So… we have almost twelve hours before you can we go out. So…. What should we do until then?” She asks stepping closer to me. I start to open my mouth as she sits on my lap and rubs her groin against mine.

Pain surges through my body at the burning she’s causing. It feels good, but at the same time it hurts beyond all belief. She kisses up and down my chest leaving perfect lip burn marks across my naked body.

I look up to her and try and speak, but she covers my mouth. “It looks like I’m in control.”

She keeps moving burning my whole body until finally resting perfectly above my erection. My eyes grow wide trying to tell her she hasn’t given permission. She looks to my face and puts her hand over my mouth. I try and gasp as she sits down on top of me. The pleasure is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, but the pain is excruciating. I feel as I’m about to burn to ashes starting at my groin.

“I give you permission to take me.” She says smiling.

The pain starts to go away and I realize she was having fun with it. She knew it was going to hurt me. She also knew that I couldn’t do anything about it. That under her burning me alive I was trapped. I smile at her showing whose boss, who’s really in control. She meant to show me how much power she held over me.

“Well played,” I say. Smiling into her groaning face. She smiles back as her hands rest on top of my shoulders.

Her lips meet mine and my body feels hot and cold at the same time. It almost feels my heart skips a beat, if it ever beat in the first place. I am so cold to the touch, yet she is so warm. She warms up my skin and I feel alive. I always feel alive when I’m with her. That’s why I can’t stand being away from her.

Ever since she came into my life, she has become an addiction. My cocaine. I’m addicted. The taste of strawberries are all over my lips and I just can’t get enough. I look deep into her kind eyes. Never wanting this moment to end.

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