Chapter 10

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Pam woke to the sensation of a fingertip gently tracing the length of her spine. For a moment she didn't recall where she was; then memories of the night, of her and Lennox, came rushing back. She shut her eyes again, trying to think. Through her closed eyelids she could tell the sun was already up. She rolled over, pushing her hair off her face.

"Good morning," Lennox murmured. He began kissing along her shoulder, up to her neck, momentarily taking her earlobe gently in his teeth.

In spite of herself, she felt desire welling up in her again as her pulse quickened. She moaned softly, then pulled away.

"I need to get home," she said. "I'll be late to work."

Lennox propped himself up on one elbow. "Don't worry, you've got time. Michelle won't be in until at least 10:00. Let's just enjoy the morning."

He nuzzled into her neck again, but it tickled and Pam laughed and pushed him away.

"Really, I need to get home and shower. And I bet my makeup's all smeared and I look like a raccoon."

"People will think you're in a punk band."

She made a sour face at him.

"Let me at least make you breakfast," he said.

Pam couldn't hide her surprise. "You cook?"

"You bet I do. My mom and dad both worked, so if I wanted to eat I had to learn to cook."

"No frozen pizza for breakfast?"

"Not in our house."

"Sounds like you had it kind of tough."

"Not really. We weren't rich, but almost nobody up there was back then. It's different now, of course. A lot of the real estate's been bought up by celebrities."

"Like you?"

"Like me," he said, taking her hand and kissing it. "And there was Gary's family. They've always had money."

Her pulse quickened at the mention of Gary's name. Was it a sore spot for him? There was no bitterness in his voice as he spoke, and he didn't seem interested in dwelling on it. She wondered if they'd been rivals in school, though they'd been friendly enough at the gallery opening. If any bad blood existed between them they had apparently outgrown it or put it behind them.

"I got the impression from something he said they were pretty well off," she said.

"Yep. Gary told me once it was inherited. I think his ancestors came over on the Mayflower or something."

Pam wondered why her aunt hadn't mentioned that if it were true. Aunt Carol knew everyone and everything up there; surely at some point she would have discovered an interesting detail like that. She'd have to remember to ask her about it the next time she called her.

"I'm not really a breakfast person. I'll just grab a coffee and bagel on the way to work." She leaned over and kissed him, and for a moment felt her will failing as his hands found their way up her back, into her hair, and his warm lips found hers.

"You're not making this easy," she said, pulling away.

"I'm not trying to."

She smiled, gave him another kiss, then stood up to go.

"I must be losing my touch," he said, with a sigh of resignation.

By the time she arrived at the apartment Trudy had already left for work and Pam breathed a sigh of relief. She'd fill Trudy in later, but at the moment she wasn't ready for the inevitable barrage of questions. Trudy would want all the details, and Pam was still trying to sort out how she even felt about what was happening between her and Lennox.

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