Not Sorry

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"I'm sorry, Lena, I'm sorry.I really am."

Lionel said as his eyes are fixed at the 17 years old brunette in front of him. Her dress look old and dull, obviously, the material are cheaper than her usually cloths weeks ago.

Lena know the old man had tried. He had tried so hard to avoid this situation but he can't really do much. The moment Lionel inherit the Luthor company from his brother, the company already in major debts.

She knew there was never a hope for her. Her family is broke. There wasn't even a single penny left. Somehow they need to survive, with nothing more to sell, Lionel decided to sell one of his children.

It was never a question. Of course, her father would chose her. Lex is his birth son meanwhile Lena is just a baby he picked up from the street.

The brunette smile bitterly. She measure her courage to look into the man she once called father. Her teeth is grin in anger but defeat clearly shine through her eyes.

"You're not sorry, Lionel. Not even a bit."

He can't be sorry. The money he will get is more than enough for them to start a new life far away from England.

Lionel's silent proven that she was right. He was not sorry.

A pair of firms hand land on her shoulders, Lena turn to look at the man behind her. Jack Sphree, the man who just bought her.

What ever this man decided to do with her it can't be good.

Sir Jack Sphree was a well-known man... For being abusive toward his wives. Yes, you read it right there. WIVES.

He has more than 3 wives. God know how many servants he has... How many mistresses he slept with...

"You're healthy enough to bear my seeds in your womb."

The bearded man shamelessly run his hand down her back. Lena almost jump at the touch.

Disgusting. She either going to be one of his sex servants or mistresses since her status is now too low to be his wife.

Lionel loudly clear his throat, gaining Jack's attention.

"The money you promised, sir?"

He asked. A wicked grin appear on Jack Sphree's face.He grab what ever money he had in his pocket and toss it to the broke old man.

Lionel failed to catch the money causing it to fall all over the ground. There was greed in his eyes as he immediately lean down to pick up the money.

But before he could reach any of the money, the front door of the Luthor's residence was slammed open.

A more organized bearded man stand at the door. His suit fit him well. Anyone could see his suit was tailored made.

Just by the way he look, Lena knew he is not someone you want to mess with. In his eyes, you can see a well put together gentleman.

The man have his eyes locked on Lionel. Lena swore she saw his hands clenched tightly into a fist.

"My master are willing to pay double, no, triple, or even octuple of whatever this man has offered to you."

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