Chapter One|The Fearless Four

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Leah had a light lantern on and a bunch of books spread out on the ground. Her trunk was open and many of the books she had neatly placed in there were sprawled across the floor.

One book that was her favorite held many letters and pictures she had received from her friends.

One was from Angelina Johnson. Her letter contained information about her very secret crush and how she spotted her friends at the joke shop in Diagon Alley. A moving picture of her in between Fred and George Weasley as they used her hair as mustaches was beside the letter.

Alicia Spinnet had written about how she had trained very much for quidditch over the summer. There was a picture of Alicia riding her broomstick and carrying a quaffle. A moving action shot her mother took.

Marisol Iverson wrote about her time in America and attached a moving photo of her smiling up and drinking the rain. It was a very aesthetic photo, and that's what she loved about Marisol.

Leah never went out to do things. She just stayed inside her room and just read the whole summer. It was either a muggle book during the day, or a potions book by night.

As she read the potions book, she would write all over it to tell how to brew the potions faster, better, and easier. It was a shame that she couldn't ever get caught by her parents.

Just yesterday her mother yelled at her for reciting a potions recipe under her breath. It was then that she decided that it would be best to leave the next day.

When Leah walked into the kitchen, her mother was reading a normal newspaper and her father was paying the bills with a coffee in hand.

"I'll be leaving today. Just thought I would let you know if you were to worry." Her father didn't respond while her mother just shrugged.

"What time will you leave?" Leah poured herself some coffee and leaned against the counter.

"Dusk. I don't need muggles seeing me." Her father scoffed while her mother rolled her eyes.

"Do not call normal people muggles, Leahanna." She sighed at her father's ignorance.

"It doesn't matter. I'll be out of your hair by dusk and that's all you need to know." Before her parents could respond, Leah ran upstairs to pack.

It was nearing dusk as Leah began to carry her trunk downstairs. Her mother just sort of glared at her while her father disregarded. Leah opened and closed the door without a goodbye.

Outside her house, she took out her wand and waved it. A bus was called and only minutes later it pulled up.

"Oi', Leah! Back again for fifth year?" She nodded and he loaded her trunk onto the bus.

"I'll be going to Angelina's house today." He nods and turns back to Ernie and the Jamaican head.

"Take it away, Ern." Leah wasn't shocked at how fast the bus moved. She just watched out the window as they weaved through cars. Soon enough, they arrived at the Johnson residence.

Leah waved to Stan and the bus took off. She knocked and only seconds later, she was attacked in a hug.

"Leah!" She hugged back Angelina and smiled as her friend jumped off her feet.

"I'm glad you're back! Marisol will be here a bit later, and we'll meet Alicia down in Diagon Alley."

The two were inside listening to music and reading different books when suddenly, an obnoxious knock came from the door.

The two gave each other a glance, and then sprinted as fast as they could downstairs.

As soon as Angelina opened the door, the both of them jumped on Marisol. She grinned happily and hugged her two friends.

"I've missed you guys so much! Where's Alicia?" Angelina came off her while Leah grinned.

"We're meeting her in Diagon Alley. Tomorrow that is." Marisol nodded and the three of them trudged up to Angelina's room.

Only thirty minutes later, Angelina and Marisol were asleep. Leah wasn't even close to sleep and was reading another book on potions.

Then again, when wasn't she?

The three were walking down Diagon Alley, but Leah was trailing behind looking in store windows.

She saw a new Firebolt broomstick in Quality Quidditch Supplies. She wished she could buy one for Angelina and Alicia, but she didn't make enough money to afford it.

While she did make decent money for being a potioneer on the black market, she wouldn't make enough to live on until she was an adult. Nobody even knew she sold on the black market. Only Severus Snape, and her aunt Starlett knew of her business.

She soon snapped out of her thoughts when Alicia jumped on the three of them. It felt good to have all of her friends back together.

"It's good to be reunited again!" The four continued on their journey through Diagon Alley.

Angelina, Alicia, and Marisol were in Florean Fortescue's ice cream shop while Leah was happily cruising the book shop. She thought that she would get fat if she enjoyed ice cream, and she wasn't an athlete or a stick like her friends.

So she looked for new books instead.

After finding one of two books, she was waiting at the checkout when a boy named Abel Crawford smirked at her. Her eyes went wide and she decided to stare down at the books. She didn't like being flirted with. It made her feel unbearably awkward.

She was given her change and she raced out of the store.

As soon as she entered the ice cream shop, temptation swept over her. It just all looked so delicious. To Leah's luck, her friends were done and they left the store without Leah getting anything.

It was the night before they were to set out to Hogwarts for their fifth year.

Angelina only had an interest of talking to George Weasley and making him her boyfriend.

Marisol was set to make sure that she was the most stress free this school year.

Alicia just wanted a quidditch cup.

Leah had many goals. She wanted to score the highest in the school on her N.E.W.T.s. She also wanted to make a high income from her potion making, and start to learn life saving draughts from professor Snape.

The four were quietly doing their own thing when Angelina's muggle phone rang loudly. Marisol jumped and Alicia just stared at the phone expecting something to happen. Leah wasn't surprised and ignored the phone. Angelina picked up the phone and let out a gasp.

"Fred! George! I can't believe you figured out how to call! What've you been up to?" Suddenly, very loud talking came from the phone and Angelina held it away from her ear.

"Oh you've been pranking Percy? Sounds nice!" Before Angelina could respond to their answers, Alicia grabbed her arms while Marisol took the phone. Alicia held Angelina down while tons of clothing were tied around her wrists and mouth. Marisol handed Leah the phone, and Leah threw a devious smirk to Angelina.

"Hello, boys. You most likely don't know me, but I know Angelina well." Angelina struggled in the arms of Alicia and Marisol as Leah stayed on the phone.

"Anyway, we'd like to offer a train ride to Hogwarts. We'll sit with you in the same compartment for part of the ride just for some good old fun." Angelina became shocked at how well Leah took all the noise.

"Oh, yes. Maybe even some dangerous fun." The boys seemed to agree.

"Okay. Thank you. Bye, now." She hung up the phone and Angelina just glared at her.

"You'll thank me later, Angelina."

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