Study Break

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(i'm so sorry for what you're about to read, but this was requested and it'll be a series. i mean c'mon who wouldn't want matthew espinosa to be all up on you. I made it a long matt dirty imagine. 😜 )

"(Y/N)... pleeasseee." Matt whined. while holding me from behind as i wash my face and get in my lazy clothes to get ready for our study date. "no matt, we can't. we gotta study for finals" i said in a serious tone.

i was home alone for about 2 weeks with no parents, my parents went on a special vacation to god knows where. i invited matt over everyday since they left, his parents were okay with it.

"but baby we can take study breaks, c'mon" he cried. as much as i wanted to mess around with matt, i couldn't. we have to study. i can't fail. "no babe sorry..." i dragged on. almost taking it into consideration. but snapping out it real quick. shaking my head.

"what was that?.." matt smirked.
"what was what?..." i looked at him trying to play it off.
"you thought about it? didn't you babe?" he smiled pulling me closer to him.

"..... no i didn't matt." i said as i continued to wash my face. as i bent over to wash the soap off, matt grabbed my hips and pulled my ass into him softly as he smiled all evil. "MATT!" i swung at him as he flinched laughing all loud. i stood straight and turned around facing him as he hovered over me having his face close to mine. so close that his lips could connect with mine at any moment.

as he held my waist i look up at him confused as to what he was gonna do next..
"baby why are you so nervous? i know you want it." he spoke in a low soft voice as he had one hand on my waist and one hand on my neck. as he stared hard into my eyes

"i'm not nervous matt i just wanna get this studying done, finals are starting in 2 days an-" i was cut off by matt picking me up and placing me on the counter of the sink as he stood in between my legs and he held my hips connecting his lips with mine while our lips moved in sync, he ran his hands through my hair and pulled me closer. as he breaks the kiss and says "i'm sorry baby.. i just want you so much." he says whispers while rubbing my thighs. he left me breathless.

i sat on the counter there silent, as he starts to walk away feeling embarrassed.
"no.. matt. wait!" i say softly. he stood there looking confused as i ran up to him and jumped on him, kissing him hard, i broke the kiss warning him "babe you know if we start this? i won't wanna stop..." while wrapping my legs around his waist. as he held me up perfectly and i continued to make out with him. he smiled in between kisses and carried me to the bed not breaking the kiss he slowly got on top of me in between my legs, he softly touched my cheek whispering, "and i'm okay with that baby.. i'll take of it. you know that." he bit his bottom lip and continued to passionately kiss me.

he breaks the kiss and slowly gets up to take off his hoodie as he was close to pulling his hoodie off, he stops and looks at me, "i don't think you're ready for this.. maybe we should just stop (Y/N)" he says sarcastically. as i roll my eyes and just lay my head back on the pillow, i stopped everything i was doing. i just laid there motionless.

"really babe?" he whines.

"what? you wanna play games? i'll play games" i then started to lay down as if i was getting ready for bed.

"no" matt says in a serious tone.

i looked at him with a puzzled look.
"what do you mean no?..."

he then pins me down gently and starts kissing me around my chest, and slowly his hands moved from my holding onto my wrist to gently caressing my arms all the way to my hips. gently giving me kisses all the way down to my thighs thinking he was about to
i looked at him as he came back up on top of me saying, "what? you thought i was gonna give it to you that easy?" i rolled my eyes. "such a tease, you know i hate that."

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