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Eva let out a gasp when Adrian shifted back right under her. She went from sitting on a furry wolf to holding onto his smooth shoulders in a matter of seconds.

She made sure to keep her eyes on the back of his head and avoid looking over his shoulder.

She unwrapped her legs from his waist and sat on the floor. "What is it, Zena?" he spoke into the phone. His body was tense with anger. He was getting fed up with Lukas.

"Did you... talk with Lukas recently?" Zena asked, sounding uncertain.

Adrian laughed lightly, "The last thing I told that b*stard was to get his head out of his *ss."

Zena sighed. "I don't know what he's planning. He agreed to the partnership but I know he has a second agenda. I was hoping I could talk to you more in detail about the whole ordeal."

"You won't lose Red River, Zena. If anything happens, I'll stand by you. I'll call you when I get to my office" was Adrian's response. Eva stared at the back of his head, marveling over his loyalty.

"Okay, see you then."

Adrian handed Eva his cellphone and she slipped it back in her pocket. She then placed her arms around his neck and he shifted back. She fisted his fur gently, not wanting to hurt him.

Once Adrian was sure that she wasn't going to fall, he took off, running at a slow pace.

They soon neared the border. Eva let out a scream when two brown wolves ran right at them. Adrian knew they were patrol, they weren't in danger. He felt her hold on him tighten.

Wanting to ease her, he let out an angry growl that had the two pack members stopping and dropping their head down in submission.

He picked up his pace when he crossed the territory line, wanting to get home. To their home.


He stopped in front of his three-story house. The building was far too big for one person. He was glad he could now share it with Eva.

She got off his back when he came to a stop and looked around. Adrian knew the house looked boring when compared to Zena's. He didn't bother to decorate the outside. There were no flowers, no fountain, and certainly no welcome mat. He liked his solitude.

He shifted back, feeling nervous of her watchful eyes. "Do you live alone?" Eva asked him, keeping her eyes ahead.

"Yes," he answered quickly and wondered if she would be uncomfortable living alone with him.

D*mn it he thought to himself. He wasn't used to feeling self-conscious. He didn't like the feeling.

"And... your parents?" Eva asked hesitantly, she wasn't sure if it was a touchy subject.

Adrian shrugged a bare shoulder. "They're in Canada. Those two move around a lot. Started exploring the world soon after dad passed the Alpha position to me." He had a good relationship with his parents, even if they drove him crazy.

"Lana used to live here but moved out a year ago" he added. Eva turned with a grin on her face. Her eyes widened when she came face to face with his bare chest and turned around again. It was going to take a while to get used to his nudity.

"I bet she got tired of your snoring" she lied.

"What? I don't snore," he exclaimed defensively.

"Oh yes, you do. Like a d*mn animal. No pun intended," she lied again.

Adrian grumbled and grabbed her hand. She laughed as he pulled her inside.

"You can... re-decorate the house if you want. I don't care much about its design as long as there's a kitchen attached to it" he suggested. He still couldn't believe she was here with him. He couldn't be happier.

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