Stan x Depressed Anorexic Reader

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~Warning this story contains swearing, and bad spelling, this is a request from GleamingShinyStars,I hope you like it!,  this story also contains Self Harm, depression and starving, if these advents trigger you please don't read and If these advents are present in your life please go see a professional and talk to someone, Love you guys! WARNING THE STORY IS LONG~

~Your POV~

I huffed, looking around. It was getting dark but the sun still shadowed over the horizon, I quickly rubbed my hands together warming them up and quickly put them back into my pockets, I breathed out letting the 'smoke' escape my lips. I patiently waited by the bathrooms at the park to see my best friend, he is coming from (H/T = Home town) to see me, we haven't seen each other since the reason why I left that town in the first place. "(Y/n)?" i heard knocking me out of my train of thought, "(B/B/F/N =Boy best friends name)?" I said moving closer to the voice, he came out of shadows and ran towards me, dropping his bags, embracing me into a hug, I cried onto his shoulder and wrapped my arms tightly around my waist. "Why did you come here, what would he think?" I said still crying onto his shoulder, I'm so thankful that he is here, this past year so much as dog passing away, one of my family member getting sick, my depression slowly getting worse and becoming more frequent, Starving myself more often and haven't eaten in days, my self harming increasing....but with every dark time, there is a bright my boyfriend Stan, he gave me happiness.

"'He' doesn't know, I took a bus (A/N, if it is far away like me for example: Australia to Colorado then maybe he should take a plane) haha " he said laughing letting me go, I giggled and wiped my tears away, "So, where em I staying?" He said picking up his bags, "You can stay at mine, mum's gone for the weekend" I said, walking in the direction of my house "Cool, I got to be home by Monday anyway" he said following me. This weekend is going to be the best but what em I going to tell my boyfriend stan....

~Timeskip to the end of the weekend~

The weekend was better then I expected, (B/B/F/N) and I went everywhere together to the mall, the swimming pool, the park and so many other places. Stan called me a few times but I didn't pick up, it was important to spend time with (B/B/F/N) especially with all the shit that has been happening with him....But today is Monday which means (B/B/F/N) is going home, so i'm staying home until he leaves, then i'm going back to school for the rest of the day. "(Y/n)!" (B/B/F/N) yelled from downstairs, "YES!?" I yelled back. "I have to go at 11 to catch the bus/plane back home, so what do you want to do in the mean time?!" he slightly yelled. I got off my bed, walking down the stairs, to see him on the couch playing his phone, "Why don't we go to Tweek Coffee then got to the park?" I said walking over to him, "Yeah sure!" He said looking u at me. "Cool, I'll go get changed!" I quickly ran up the stairs, to my room. I stripped of my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror, the first thing I saw was all the scars all over body....I never really liked my body, I always felt not good enough for anyone expectantly not stan.....he is too good for him, he deserves better...'Knock Knock' I heard on my door, knocking me out of my thoughts.."Yeah?" I said, walking to my closest to change clothes, "Are you ok in there?" he said concerned. "I'm fine.....I can't choose what to wear." I said picking out (f/o = favorite outfit), I quickly get changed and open the door. He stood at my door waiting. "You ready to go?" He said, "Yup" I said following him down the stairs.

~Timeskip to Tweeks Coffee, sponsored by Kyle's perfect ass~

As we arrived, he lead me into the shop. "So what do you want to drink? Because i'm paying" I said to (B/B/F/N), "Ummm can I just have a normal large coffee please, I'll go get us a table" he said searching for a table, "ok" I said walking over to the counter to line up but I got this feeling that i'm being watched but I shook off the feeling and continued to walk to the counter. I ordered and walked to the table that (B/B/F/N) was sitting at, I couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching me. "Hey are you ok?" I heard (B/B/F/N) say, "I'm fine" I said looking around, "Here you go" I heard as Mrs Tweek put our coffees on the table. " Thankyou" I said and (B/B/F/N) said the same. "Are you sure, your ok?" I heard (B/B/F/N) say. "Yeah I'm fine, just sad that your going" I said looking down at my coffee. 

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