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~Warning swearing and really bad spelling, This is a request for @TwhaleLord, Thanks for the request!~


Life is a mystery, life can lead you in the right.....or wrong direction, life can be challenging, life is a puzzle you either play it's game or give up. This is the story of how my life went upside down. (If you get this reference your awesome!) 

As I walked down the halls of school on my way to my first class, as I swagged along my eyes glued onto my first crush Kenny McCormick which was surrounded by many pretty girls from my year, I began to think that I would never be good enough for him,  he seemed to noticed my glace because he looked straight into my eyes and gave me a cute small smile. I gave a smile back and continued to walk to class.

As i sat down in the back of the classroom, I begin to have a fight with yourself saying things like, 'you will never be good enough for him' 'he could have any girl, he will never chose you' i sighed sadly, as everyone started to talk there seats. I stared blankly out the window until...."Hey (Y/n)" I heard a voice say, I look to my right to see my second crush (C/n), "Hey (c/n) how are you?" I asked staring into his eyes, "Surprisingly confident and how are you?" He said smiling, I smiled back. "Could be better" I say smiling weakly.

"How about I cheer you up? Maybe after school we go to stark's pond?" He suggested, "Yeah sure!" I say, "Great I'll see you there!" He said before Mr Garrison.  "OK class, Some shit went down and we need to discuss it....Does my ass look like Kim Kardashian's ass because I've been doing squats" He said, i started to zone out and forget about the world around me.


As the end of class came to an end, I started to wonder back into reality when I could feel hole burning into the side of my head, I turned my head to see (C/n) staring at me. He  quickly turned his head away blushing madly,  I looked back at my desk blushing. 'RRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG!' I quickly got up and rushed out the classroom, as i was rushing....i ran into i felt the impact, i fell on top of the person. As i look up to see who it is, im met with familiar beautiful ocean blue eyes, "OMG Im so sorry here let me help you up" Kenny offered, i gently took his hand and got myself back on my feet.

"It's o-ok" I said ashamed that I stuttered in front of Kenny, "Hey I was wondering if we could meet up after school? I have something I need to tell you" he said scratching the back of his neck. "Sure! But I have to meet (C/n) after meet me at my house at 7?" I suggested, "Sure! Meet you then beautiful" He said walking away giving me a wink. I blushed madly at his comment. The rest of the day, my main mission was the avoid (C/n) and Kenny, all day I've had a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

~Timeskip to the end of school because im lazy~

I walked out of my last class, slowly walking to my locker thinking if meeting (c/n) was a good idea. As I arrive at my locker, I quickly put my stuff away and started heading towards Stark's pond. It was such as beautiful day, the snow lightly coated the ground, the sun brightly twinkling in the beautiful. I stopped walking as I reached my destination, I sat on the bench waiting for (c/n) to show up, but my mind started to attack me again saying things that I started to believe like, '(c/n) not going to show up, he was probably joking' 'you are pathetic' as my mind continued to yell at me, I didn't hear the footsteps coming towards me, I look up to see (c/n) come towards me. "Hi (Y/n), sorry to make you wait" he said sitting next to me, "No that's ok" I said smiling, slightly turning my body to face him. "Look the reason why I called you here, is to tell you that I like you (y/n) and I want you to be my girlfriend?" he said rubbing the back of his neck and having a slight tint of pink on his cheeks. My faced turned bright red.

"I-I would love to (C/n)" I said, he gave me the biggest smile, "That's great (Y/n), or should I say babe?" he said smiling, pulling me closer to him to wrap his arms around me, I giggled at his response. We sat there for a while until I realized about Kenny, "Shit Kenny" I said getting off (c/n) "What's wrong?" he said, "I had to meet someone at 7, I got to go, I'll see you later" I said basically running home. 

~Timeship to when the reader arrived home, i'm super lazy~

As I arrived home, I can see Kenny waiting for me on my pouch. "I'm so sorry Kenny, I was with (c/n)" I said, "That's ok" He said, I sat next to him, he started to take down his hood. "Umm what did you want to talk about?" I said putting a stray hair behind my ear, "Oh yeah, well I wanted to say that...I like you (Y/n), no I don't like you...I love you, it kills me everytime your with another guy, so I had to get girls around me to distract any thoughts of you but my feeling for you got stronger, will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" he said holding my hands in his.

"I've been dreaming about this for so long, but (C/n) asked me out an hour earlier and I said yes" I said looking down, "That's ok, I should go" He said putting his hood back up and began to sit back up, "Wait Kenny" I said grabbing his hand. I stuck my hand in my pocket searching for the right thing, I took out a broken red crayon, I placed the crayon in Kenny's hand and placed my hand on top of his. "If you still love me, when (C/n) and I break up, give me this crayon and you don't have to worry about me not loving you....your my first love, I will always love you" I said smiling. He looked up at me smiling, he grabbed my hand and kissed it slowly, "I accept your challenge" he said making me blush, "Well I better go, see you around beautiful" He said walking home.

7 Months Later. What Kenny didn't know is that (C/n) didn't let (Y/n) break up with him, he became abusive and violent. He started to lose his temper on her and hit her. (Y/n) stopped going to school because she couldn't hide the bruises anymore, her parents didn't care. The only person who did was Kenny, he saw her pain, he saw her bruises and he wanted to do something, but didn't want more pain for (y/n). Until a teacher noticed and asked Kenny about it, he told her everything, she called the police and (c/n) was arrested, (y/n) was sent to hospital in critical conditional.

~Kenny's POV~

I went to go see (Y/n), I stand outside her door, taking a deep breathe before walking in, I slowly walk in. I look at (Y/n), it made me want to cry, the site of her made my heartbreak. She was hooked up to so many machines and looked so bad. I walked closer and sat beside her bed, I took her hand in mine and slowly reached my hand into my pocket and fished out the snapped in half red crayon. I lifted my head up to see (y/n) slowly open her eyes.


"(Y/n) your awake!" Kenny said standing up, "Hey Kenny...." I said sleepily, "(Y/n) why didn't you tell me that this was happening" He said sitting back down. "I didn't want to tell you....because....I didn't want you to worry and......I love you too much to get you involved abusive relationship.....I cared about you to much to let you get hurt.." I said ashamed, looking down and let tears fall from my eyes. "Hey hey (y/n), don't cry you care about me and I care about you" he said wiping my tears away. "and I have something for you" he said, holding out his hand, holding out a broken in half red crayon. "You kept it after 7 months" I said, surprised, "Of course I kept, I will always love you. Do you love me?" He said, I grabbed his hand, flipping his hand so it was on top of mine and slowly kissed it. "Of course I do, I love you Kenny". I said blushing, "Good because now I can do this" he said, grabbing my faced and slowly but passionately kissing me, we separated and pressed our foreheads together."I love you (y/n)" Kenny said, "I love you too Kenny" I said.

Even with a beaten and bruised heart, you can still make it beat for someone you love" ~Nightmare1009

~Im so sorry guys that I haven't been updating, School has been a bitch especially when im starting year 11 soon, fuck I hate school. Im trying so hard to update but school work as got me behind, I'll try to update as soon as possible. Stay tuned.~

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