Next Morning

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  • Dedicated to Chris Brown and Rihanna

I hear knocking on the Joselyn's door. Oh no, it's Chris. "Joselyn, Joselyn, answer the door, I'll go hide."

"Ok," she says and then she answers the door saying "Chris?"

I hear him ask Joselyn if I'm here. She replys "No, haven't seen her," I hear him say that he doesn't believe her, and I hear her body slam against the wall.  I look around the corner and see Joselyn's boyfriend grab Chris and push out the door. I hear Joselyn's boyfriend yell "Don't you ever do that again, ... to any women."

I was so happy Joselyn's boyfriend did that. I hear gun shots, ... oh no, Chris. Jasmine, Joy, Jackelyn, come on, come to Auntie Rihanna. The girls come and I hug them. I feel something come sharply in my back. Oh no, I turn my head and I am bleeding deadly. Oh no, when he shot, he shot me. 

"Girls, I'm sorry, he shot me, I'm ........ " and then she was dead.

"Mommy, mommy, Auntie Rihanna got shot by Chris,"

"Oh no, we need to call the police,"

The police come and we explain everything. They take Rihanna to the hospital and she is given breathe, and comes back to life. "Hey girls, I'm sorry and you to Joselyn, I was just trying to save you girls."

"Don't worry about that, we're just glad you came back to life Auntie Rihanna."

"Aww..I love you girls,"

"We love you too,"

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