Chapter 1-Alone

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I... I don't want to talk about how I feel right now. I feel... Alone. Nobody understands how it feels to be... Different. To have a crush on your own gender. To be out-casted. To be trapped in this stupid closet i call life. My friends are all straight. I'm trying to keep my preference a secret but it gets harder every second. I just want to be... To be accepted by society. it's like people think that being straight is so good and pure and incapable of sin or whatever, but as soon as they see someone with a different preference, like bi, or pansexual, they think your like the spawn of demons and you yourself is a sin. it's like we're not even people. We're judged for what we like.. You know, it's unfair. I'm tired of this. some people can like and do the most disgusting and horrifying things, and they're perfectly accepted, but something so much as touching someone the wrong way like accidentally holding their hand can get you bullied and pushed aside by the world!
Bye for now...

Love, Sashi ~💕🌈💕

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