You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 10

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The mall was not as packed as it was yesturday, but there was enough people to make me get distracted from my problems. This was a bad habit of mine, I tend to put off or hide from my problems leaving them to pile up then their so big it is too much for me to handle, making me an emotional wreck sometimes. I went to Dairy Queen and orderd their Chocolate Blizzard, the one packed with crazy amounts of chocolate and with cookie dough. I always had that when I was thinking or trying to not think.

I eat it while I walk towards a clothing store that I have never been in before. It was similar to Little World, but more pricey and the workers kinda scare me. As I walked past I thought about how Shane and I would say that store was the evil twin of Little World. 'Why do I always pick the wrong guys? Then I burden those around them and around me because I dated them? Am I that stupid?! I NEED someone right now but there is no one to run to...I will never be able to live on my own I am to pathetic!!'

As I walked I notice multiple people began to gather around. I wondered what was going on so I joined the other stand byers to see a small stage and microphone with a stool. A man came up and annouced, "if anyone desires to preform please come up and show us your talent!"

The people murmmered among each other while I stood off in the distance debating if I should leave or stay. As I thought I was oblivous to the annoucer noticing me and walking up to me before it was too late for me to go off and hide. I stood frozen staring into his green eyes as he smiled and asked, "would you like to preform for us ma'am?"

"Um...uh....are you sure?" I stuttered begining to mess with my fingers as I looked at him.

"Well if you want to. We have all sorts of instruments if you know how to play or anything of that sort." He replied shrugging. The thought of everyone watching me didn't scare me it was the thought that I would suddenly get a fear while I was up there. But I sucked it up and walked up onto the stage which by the looks of the people shocked them.

I sat on the stool and grabbed a guitar then checked to see if it was in tune then picked a song I heard on the radio not long ago. I start to trum away to the tun and played the song. (song hopefully will be off to the side in that -->) As the song went along people were begining to whisper a thing or two to each other, it was then I began to wonder, 'am I that bad?' . But I continued the song.

"Come on, Come on, Don't leave me like this, I thought I had you figured out, Something has gone terribly wrong, You're all I wanted."

People began to smile and I began to lose myself into the music like I usually do when I am with my guitar. The song played on and I closed my eyes letting the song take me and my emotions away.

"Come on, Come on, Don't leave me like this, I thought I had you figured out, Can't breathe whenever you're gone, Can't go back, I'm haunted!"

People began to gather around and listen to what I was preforming which made me swell with pride. I mean wouldn't you when you just went through what I went through and here you can express how you feel and people listen and possiblly care.

"You and I walk a fragil line, I have known it all this time, Never ever thought I'd see it break, Never thought I see it!" I sang the last of the song and smiled as the people cheered making my cheeks turn pink. I began to get up but the announcer came back up and spoke into his microphone.

"Now that is some talent! Would you sing another song? Please!" He said and the audience cheered. I nodded and began to play another song (Haven't Had Enough by Mariana's Trench yes I know there is no acuostic version and there won't be)

I walked over to him and asked him if he could play a certain song. He nodded and smiled then went to the sound system and stater to play the song.

My smile grew big and I began to sing to the song (this is the best song ever!!!):

"Testing, testing, I'm just suggesting,

You and I might not be the best thing,

Exit, exit, somehow I guessed it right, right,

But I still want ya, want ya,

Don't mean to taunt ya, If you leave now,

I'll come back and haunt ya,

You'll remember, return to sender now, now"

I started and the crowd started to dance and sing along through out the song

"Testing, testing, I'm just suggesting, You and I might just be the best thing."

I finished the song and bowed. Everyone cheered and some asked me for pictures or who I was. I told them and took pictures, then when I had enough I just waved and walked away leaving the crowd behind and my previous thoughts return.

I walked down the walk way to my store and went in. The older woman was there and smiled at me, I returned the smile and nodded. I walked up to the counter, "where can I find a backpack here, or do you not sell them anymore?" I asked looking at the woman unsure what to do.

She looked at me confused, "I thought you just got a bag? Did it already break?" she asked as she lead me to where the backpacks were.

"I can't exactly go home right now and I need a bag and some clothes. I am going on a trip for a couple days or so." I said rubbing my arms uncertain what to expect from the woman.

"What did that lad do to you?" the woman asked me with a concered look

I looked at her shocked and not sure what to say, do I tell her the truth or do I hide it. " It is complicated. He did do something but I did something too and I just need to get away and clear my head. I will probably stay at the hotel down the street looking over the lake. Do you have any suggestions?" I asked hopefully as I grabbed a black, green and purple plaide backpack.  

"Dear I think you should talk to him and work it out. Don't run away, it will get you nowhere." She said shaking her head and walked back to the counter. 

I stood there for a couple of minutes and thought what I should do. I grab a couple outfits and told her, "I will talk to him, but I should clean the house up first." I smiled and grabbed my stuff amd walked out the door. I went onto the street that led to Ashotn's house silently. I saw that the cars were gone idicating that everyone had left leaving the house to me. 

I enter the house to be welcomed by silence and darkness. There was a feeling of suspence, the kind you get when you are walking and you don't know what is around the corner. I walked down the hallway wondering if anyone was home. I passed by all the bedroom doors and all the rooms were vacant, so I ventured down the stairs back to the living room until I noticed a faint sound of metalic sounds down below the stairs. 'Hm. Maybe Dad is fixing something..' I thought as I went down the other flights of stairs that ended infront of a door that looked normal but had an odd vibe about it.

I open the door to see a bunch of candle sticks lighting up the midevil looking hallway giving it a dark look to it. The farther I go the colder and creepier it gets.  I pulled out one of my new huge jackets out and put it on making my body warm again, but I heard something that made my blood cold. "Car-Carlyn-Carlynda?"

I turn to see a beaten, chained, shirtless, figure whose face was dimly lite with the candle lights but it was enough for me to recongize. The voice might be weak but the apperal is the same, I stare in shock, "Shane?" I walked up to him, "what are you doing here? And where is your shirt? You will get sick!" But he just shook his head and had tears fall from his eyes.

"I'm sorry. I had too."



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