Pregnant by a werewolf, with no memory pg13 version

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My name is Leah, Lee for short. I'm 17, and I'm pregnant. My parents don't Know, and I'm not telling them! "Geez are you crazy"? The thing is.... I don't remember who the father is. I mean it's not like I sleep around. I was a virgin till the day I woke up on my front lawn after walking home from School. So ok.... maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I was raped. " OMG, But if I was raped, wouldn't I remember it? ..Ok I've heard of people in a traumatic experience that forget everything, but somehow I don't think that's what happened to me. You see I woke up with this happy feeling like ... "I was in Love", But don't you have to.. " know a guy" to be in love first?

Leah's POV "OMG look at my stomach"! I can't be twelve weeks...I look six months already....Leah said .. Oh my god!! " Lee" her mother called, Get your butt in here! "Shit " Leah whispered.. "She knows" I'm so dead! Yeah mom...Leah said running down the stairs.. "Where the hell are my cigarettes, they were on the counter a min ago"? Ok I can breathe now..."don't know mom" ..under her breath "don't care" "Don't sass me Lee!" Her mom replied... "Hallelujah they were in my purse" Lee just rolled her Eyes..Her mom was an idiot! " Your getting a little chubby there lee", her mom said; better lay off the hot cheetos girl! Yeah mom it's um...that time of the month...pft I wish Lee thought. "Oh well" her mom said .. "Me and your Dad are headed to Vegas for a couple weeks". "What dad?" Lee thought. "There's fifty bucks in the cookie jar." And her mom was out the door.."She left again" Leah said..Like always. "I wish she would just never come back"! I mean she doesn't even act like a real mom. And "dad" ...yeah right he's just another one of her "part time boyfriends" till he pisses her off. It makes me wonder if she really even loves me *************************************** Twins " She is so beautiful" Long wavy brown hair with rich red and gold lights in it, and big green eyes...not too short but not tall either about 5'5. "Yeah bro she's hot!" Shut up Seth Aydon said! "Aydon" Seth snapped..Why not tell her already...she has to know she's pregnant. "I can't yet Seth", she knows nothing about our world. "And what do you thinks' going to happen when she turns eighteen and suddenly has fur every time she gets pissed" said Seth.. "You need to teach her how to hold her temper Aydon".. Or someone's going to get hurt..or worse find out about us! "I'm gonna tell her in time" muttered Aydon "She doesn't even remember you yet Aydon", or know she was adopted" pissed do you think she'll be then"..Said Seth? "I don't know, but it will be soon Seth just SHUT UP...She's coming"! Leah's POV "Why did this have to happen to me"? I have no job, sucky parents, and I always thought I'd meet a handsome, sexy smart guy..that would take me out of this s*it hole! Why the hell did we have to live in Alabama?.... Not likely I'll meet my perfect man here ....unless you consider"toothless"attractive.. Leah groaned...Only good thing here is all the trees..and maybe the lack of smog.. Leah was walking outside to check the mail when she noticed a couple of really hot teen guys staring at her from across the street..They looked like they could be brothers..twins even except one had thick long dark hair down his back and the other's hair was so short it looked like he had just buzzed it off. They looked about eighteen or nineteen with dark skin probably from being out in the sun all day..and muscles that would make any girl drool. "Why were they staring at her?"..Probably thinking she looked like a fat cow..well it would only get worse from here! Leah grabbed the mail and tried to hurry back in the house..when she tripped over the hose..."S*IT" Leah screamed as her arms flew out to catch herself..and the second before she was supposed to eat crap ...she was caught by some rather large..warm arms.. "Ah thanks" Leah said...her eyes slowly moved up to see her hero was the twin with the long hair... "Are you alright" he said.. His voice was a deep sexy purr... "Leah stuttered"... " catch me.. You were across the street just a second ago?" Twin said..."So you were looking at me huh"? ...NO! Leah stammered embarrassed.. I just..."Who are you"? My names Aydon, Her hero said, and this is my twin brother Seth..Zup said Seth... We moved here about four months ago... "OH" Leah replied...that explains the hotness...too late now though...who'd want a fat prego chick Leah thought? Aydon was watching her with a horrified look on his face..Seth was smirking. "OH God" Leah thought..they must think I'm such a fricken idiot! Aydon snapped his fingers.."Hello" Leah looked up..What? She said. You didn't tell us your name. " OH Leah muttered"...OH Seth said.. Your names OH? Leah's cheeks flamed and Aydon punched Seth in the arm. "OW" Seth cried. Aydon smirked. "Shut up Seth, be nice!" Aydon had the sexiest smile, his eyes were multi colored amber, gold, and green. Aydon smiled again, his teeth were perfectly straight and white...He had full lips, perfect kissable lips...Leah was daydreaming...Seth snickered and Aydon growled at him... "Seth ..why don't you go make some lunch..He turned back to Leah.."So are you hungry.......... Ah he paused"? Leah she said..Leah is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl Aydon smiled... Leah blushed..of course he thinks I'm hungry cause I'm a cow she thought.. Aydon smirked shaking his head a bit. He grabbed her hand...Let's go to my house..he's just up the road..You need to put some meat on your bones your too skinny Leah! What a line a bull she thought...Aydon smiled his sexy was contagious..OK she said. Aydon's house was two miles away. He would of carried her the whole way, but was sure it would freak her out a instead he just held her hand and watched her every step in case she fell again. Leah was quiet walking beside him ..she was still blushing. Her hands were so small and she was awfully small for a pregnant pre wolf. She would have no idea that the pregnancy would only be a couple months more instead of your typical human cycle of nine months. Her adoptive mother was an idiot and her entourage of men was extremely dangerous for Leah to be around. He only had a short time to convince Leah to leave her only known mothers house and bring her to her biological parents Michael and Carrie, the people that had raised him and his brother..when his parents were murdered by another pack of wolves. Leah's mother was beautiful. Like Leah, she had a baby at eighteen. A rival pack had stolen Leah as a baby. It was believed she was dead, but there had been no proof. So while Michael had believed the worst..Carrie still had hope that she would find Leah. It wasn't till about four months ago that I had tracked Leah. I didn't know at the time that she was also my mate. I had never been with another woman..and the moment I saw her I knew she was not only Carrie's daughter but the women I would love forever. Leah's memory loss was something he had never heard of happening to a wolf, but she wasn't a wolf until she turned eighteen. It had broke his heart to leave her on her front lawn after they had made love, but she had passed out and wouldn't wake up. The only thing he could think of was to leave her there for her idiot mother to take to a human doctor. Instead the psycho had turned a water hose on her and miraculously she woke up,... With no memory of him or their love making. He was an idiot for not protecting her from pregnancy. She was so young, a virgin like himself. She would be the heir to her biological parents fortune, and the baby would be like the baby Carrie had lost. He or she would be loved more than anything, and would eventually be the leader of their pack.

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