Chapter 9

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Hide and Seek

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Lilly's POV:

         "And in conclusion I feel the spy organizations should give the postion of spy to only highly qualified graduates." Mason can go on and on with his presentations. After he was finished he started heading to his seat and I saw him wink at some girl before he sat down. Player.

      We were in sixth period and I couldn't stop thinking about the whole situation with my dad. Even around the house everyone was on their toes. I haven't been to the weapons chamber more than twice in one week intill this week with a total of fourteen times. My mom is so depressed. She likes to deny it and pretend like nothing happened but she isn't fooling anyone. I can see the pain in her eyes.

         "Lilly could you please present you project." Mr. Carson looked at me knowing I was day-dreaming through all the other presentations. I walked to the front of the class and blew through my presentation. Debate class is so easy. I don't get how it fits into the spy curriculum though. "Great job, Miss Williams!" I am practically praised in this class because I have the highest grade of a 98%.

          The rest of my classes were a blur. I have been having this problem with zoning out lately. "Hey babe." Jake said with that sexy bad boy smirk on his face. "Hey fugly what's up?" I teased because he was anything but fugly. "Ouch. Anyway I know it has been hard these last couple of days with the whole situation but I just want to see if your okay...and...I want you to come over my house for dinner tonight and meet my sister." he asked so happy. My mom needs me though. I don't know if it would be such a good idea. "I don't know. I..." he cut me off. "I'll pick you up at 6." he opened the car door and let me get in. He drove me home and gave me a kiss on the cheek before I got out.

        I walked into the kitchen and found a note from my mom.

Be back soon. Went out shopping and i will pick your brother up.

I knew she wrote it because it was her handwritting ,but I felt like someone was in the house and there he was. My father. Sitting in the living room. I ran out of my house and Jake stopped the car before he left. My dad had a gun in his hands and I knew the brainwashing finally got to him. "So you're just going to leave your family. Your father. Just like that." he said inching closer and I tried to run but my feet froze. I was inches away from the car door but it felt so far. Suddenly my father fell to the ground and Jake pulled my arm and put me in his car. He took my dad's gun and searched for more weapons. "He won't stay down for long. Call your mom and brother and tell them not to come home. Are you okay?" My eyes filled with tears."No." and with that I called my mom and brother and made sure they didn't go home. "You are going to Kaitie's house." he said heading that way. "He knew who I was and where I live and he knows where Kaitie lives. He is the most badass spy out there and he could easily kill her. I am not putting her in danger." I said wiping my tears. "Fine I will pick her up and then I will get John and Chris. We are going out of the state. Call your mom and tell her to bring your brother to a safe location. If you are separated it will be harder to find you. After you call her throw the phone away and I will hook us up with safe phones when we get to my house for planning and packing." he said and we were off. Kaitie had clothes for me so I wasn't worried about that. I was worried about being away from Josh and my mom though.

         When We got to Jake's house he filled his sister in on all the details and she took control from there. "This is going to be one hell of a mission." she said gathering things and making fake IDs and calling the CMU to get them certified. "Where are we going?" I asked Jake and he just kissed me. "I don't know but you are going to be safe there. Nothing will happen to you because I will protect you. I love you Lilly."Oh my gosh. He just said the L word. "I love you too, Jake." and we kissed a once more with compassion. When he kissed me the whole universe turned. My stomach did flips and I was totally zoned out. We pulled away and got in a car with Jake's sister, Christina. Kaitie, Chris ,and John got in the other car. "Hear that sweetheart? We get to be super spies together, again." he said that the first time we were on a mission together and it was even more awesome the second time. "Hell yeah!"


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