Meredith looked over her shoulder looking exasperated. It was obvious to Sadie that Meredith would rather read her magazine than talk to her friend.

"Remember you went to see Professor Hobbs a couple weeks ago?" Sadie asked.

Meredith dropped her eyes but said nothing.

"What happened?" Sadie boldly asked. "I mean, I feel as though things may have changed between the two of us. I don't know if it's something I said or did, but I just noticed it was after you saw him. Did he say something about me?"

Sadie put a hand on the back of her desk chair to hold herself steady. She felt awkward for asking. Meredith was her best friend, yet butterflies swarmed in the pit of her stomach.

Meredith closed her magazine and sat up on her bed. Her long legs swung over the side, her feet landing on the floor with a loud thud. She smirked, leaning forward with her palms pressing onto the edge of her mattress.

"Why? Did you do something?"

"No." Sadie stiffened.

"He wanted to show me something for science class, that's all. He wanted to help me out. You know how terrible I am at science," Meredith said, waving her hand dismissively.

Sadie nodded, not knowing what else to say. So why would Professor Hobbs want to see her now? She had straight A's in all her classes.

Meredith stretched her arms in the air and let out a huge yawn. "I think I'm going to head to bed." She stood up and grabbed a pair of folded pajamas from the top of her dresser. Without waiting for another word from Sadie, she left the room.

Once Meredith was out of sight, Sadie opened her laptop to shut it down for the night. She was shocked to see six emails from Professor Hobbs. Each subject line was different, them being more urgent than the previous one. Yet, each message was the same. He wanted to see her in the library before the night was through.

"The library?" Sadie muttered.

Professor Hobbs was nicknamed "Crazy Hobbs" throughout the school. Any student who had him for science knew well enough there was a loose screw in his head. He was always losing important homework assignments, forgetting the names of his students, and he even caused campus to evacuate a couple times due to explosions in his lab. Though Sadie thought he caused the explosions on purpose which made things worse because that meant he enjoyed blowing things up.

Sadie checked the time on her phone. It was almost ten-thirty. She had to get up early to put some finishing touches on her essay, yet she felt as though she couldn't stand the professor up. He may have been nuts, but there must have been a good reason why he needed to meet her at the library so late.

Sadie shut down her laptop and grabbed her jacket. She left her room, leaving the door open for Meredith.


There was a slight nip in the air as spring tried to break through the harsh winter they just had. Sadie's whole body shivered as she jogged across campus to get back to the library. The building was dark and Sadie wondered if Professor Hobbs bothered to wait for her. When she tugged on the door handle, it opened. Without thinking any more on it, Sadie entered the building.

She stood in the hallway rubbing her hands together and blowing into them. It felt colder inside than outside. Sadie hugged herself walking toward the main entrance for the library. The door opened with ease and she stepped inside.

"Hello?" Sadie called out.

No answer.

She wandered through the dim library hoping Professor Hobbs was still there. She tilted her head back in annoyance. Professor Hobbs should have been at the door waiting for her. Maybe he really did leave.

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