Chapter 17

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Two updates in one day? Well, why not?

Leila's pov

I hang back after the training and when there's just me and Axel left he moves towards me, I can't stop a smile from slipping out and for unexplained reasons I just want to move closer. And when he actually smiles back he looks so damn handsome I almost giggle out loud. Goddess Leila, stop acting like a teenybopper with a crush.

I luckily manage to snap out of it and not make a fool of myself,  my voice comes out normal and even, "Ready for a little chat?"

He nods his head, "Yeah, I think it's about time, let's go down to the river." He starts moving towards the river at a slow pace, and he seems to be thinking about something cause he doesn't talk and seems preoccupied. When we arrive at our destination he snaps out of his thoughts and almost seems surprised that we're here. I would love to know what's going on in his head.  

I stay quiet and give him some time to gather his thoughts, I just take in the sights. It's a beautiful spot. We're at a place where the river forms a little pond with a small waterfall, the sun is shining through the branches of the trees onto the water making it gleam and sparkle. It's like taken out of a fairytale and I half expect pixies to be flying around.

But even though the place is beautiful I am quickly losing my patience, "Are you going to say anything? Maybe give me a clue as to why you one moment seem to hate my guts only to turn around and give me sweet smiles and heated stares, cause you are about to give me severe whiplash with your mood swings." 

He doesn't say anything, he just stares at me, seemingly having an internal discussion about what to say. Just when I'm about to say something rude he opens his mouth, "I don't hate you, far from it." He almost looks pained, "At first when I met you I have to admit that I wanted to hate you, I wanted to stay away from you, I wanted to, hell I did, curse the Goddess for bringing you into my life." Ok, cursing the Goddess seems a bit extreme, let's not go blaming innocent bystanders. 

Now that he's finally talking he can't seem to stop, "Do you have any idea how long I have hated tigers? I hated your kind with an intense fury, I wanted you all gone from this world!" Holy shit, his words are slamming into me with such force I want to crumble to the ground in the fetal position.

"Do you have any idea, how hard it is for me to be around you and not touch you, not pull you to me and feel every inch of your body, sinking into you and make us one?" 

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