Chapter 19: Chang and Marinos

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Log #577: Kingdoms

One notable fact about the surviving Kingdoms are their origins and discoveries. Strangely enough, both Kingdoms that were discovered by Dominic were already protected by a Barricade, which then linked to the previous Kingdom's Barricade once a direct, safe route between them had been blazed. The mechanism which extends the walls of the Barricade towards the other Kingdoms is currently beyond human understanding, along with the refusal of Dominic's Barricade to connect directly with Devarden's. Every attempt to traverse the route between Dominic and Devarden have resulted in the complete disappearance of the entire group. Furthermore, the locations of each Kingdom in relation to the others are oddly convenient: as it stands, the three Kingdoms form an isosceles triangle, with Ismira standing as the northernmost Kingdom and Devarden and Dominic being the side corners. Since Dominic and Devarden cannot directly unite within the Barricade, it has been led to believe that there may be a fourth Kingdom directly south of Ismira, which consequently would create a parallelogram in which humanity will continue to recover. If that is true, then the ESF will undoubtedly discover a fourth Barricade surrounding a human concentration area in that location. But the mystery of the Barricade and the relative locations of the Kingdoms remains, as well as a rather distressing realization. If the Four Kingdoms do indeed unite in a parallelogram, what could possibly be in the center? And who, or what, intends to watch us find out?

-General Elvira Ramos

188 BPE

Over two hundred kilometers of hostile territory remained for our group to traverse before reaching our destination, Ismira. At the moment, our group was composed of ten first-year students. The general consensus was to split up our Squads and explore a bit as we travelled, staying close enough to easily detect the other Squad's flare guns if necessary. Isabelle didn't approve of the idea, however; she was reluctant to separate from Kadie after such a short reunion. Kadie herself was fine with the decision, since Sadie was already on her team. Undoubtedly this could potentially have posed a serious issue if unaddressed, but Francis came to the rescue, promising Isabelle a lollipop every half hour if she would drop the argument. Unsurprisingly, she did.

Nobody asked where he stashed the pops.

A few Silverwolves attempted to interrupt our team meeting, but Miranda handled them all with Artemis, her dark-blue sniper-bayonet. Despite her fragile and shy essence, she was an excellent shot. When we finished our sweet negotiations with Isabelle, Sarah called Miranda over to relay the decision. She agreed immediately, and began discussing which route to take with her Squad. I had already planned ahead, using the map in Mr. Darnay's room to figure out the safest course to take, so I gave her a bit of advice on good vantage points and water sources. Less than half an hour later, we were locked, loaded, and fully fed for the expedition. We took one last look behind us at the Kingdom that had been our only world, our first and final home, and headed into the forest, towards whatever dangers waited beyond.


The expanse of trees seemed endless, but according to the map it was only sixteen kilometers thick. We were an hour in, but not a single threat had imposed on our peaceful stroll through the woods. Isabelle had begun humming ten minutes in, quickly followed by Francis giving her a life-draining stare a minute later. Nicole seemed to be having the time of her life gazing at the treetops, her mind probably creating some amazing story to go along with the scenery. Kazuki glanced from tree to tree with a scary suspicion, and even I could feel his tense, heavy breathing from the front of our group. Boredom seeped from his body and into his posture, and soon he was dragging his feet around with him. It felt like Isabelle, Nicole, and I were the only sentient beings in the forest who were enjoying the serenity of the situation.

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