His REGRET (Ch.1)

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My boyfriend, Jungkook want me to meet him at the park.
Jungkook and I meet each other at the park and walk together, until his behavior becomes so cold.
Me : "Jungkook, look at that flower, isn't it beautiful?"
Jungkook : "Yea." He is answered me with a cold voice.
Me : "Want to play hide and seek?"
Jungkook : "No."
Me : *What? Why is he so cold with me now? is he sick or what?* "What's wrong with you Jungkook-ah, are you sick?"
Jungkook : *Sighed* "Y/N-ah, i want to tell you something..."
Me : *Wait, what is this?* "Is it important? Okay, just go ahead Jungkook!"
Jungkook : "I... Want to break up with you Y/N..."
Me : *WHAATTT REALLY JEON JUNGKOOK!!* "What?! I'm so confused JUNGKOOK-AH!! Why do you want to over this Jungkook?!! I love you Jungkook, why Jungkook-ah? Are you not love me anymore??!!"
Jungkook : "sorry y/n, yeah i think i don't love you anymore. I think you don't deserve me because i am the most popular guy at school, but, who are you? You are just a nerd!"
Me : *in that time i am so hurting inside* " JEON JUNGKOOK!! WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH MY HEART?!! I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH YOU, BUT- why are you playing with me?! I guess you love me as i am! But you are just playing with my heart Jeon Jungkook!" *My eye start tearing* "Are you want us to break up? Okay, don't think you're gonna see me again! Jungkook-ah!"
I leave him alone and went to my house and crying so hard on street to my house, but it's already afternoon to night time.
On the way to my house, suddenly my head very hurt. And my view suddenly going to blur away. And suddenly my view is black.

Someone POV

I was on the way to a minimarket until i saw a girl sleeping on the ground. Is she crazy or what?! I am going forward to her and... What?! Why Y/n is here? I'm taking her to my home and take her to my bedroom to rest. But suddenly she is awake...

Your POV

I am awake from what happened, my view is blur until i saw a guy infront of my eyes. OMG it's Taehyung, my bestfriend and my childhood friend.
Me : "what? What happened Taehyung-ah?"
Taehyung : "you're fainted y/n... actually what happened to you ?"
Me : "uhmm.. let's not talk about that taehyung-ah! Now i want to rest and you can do your routine now Taehyung."
Taehyung : "okay..." *What happened to y/n? I'm so confused right now. Maybe she is having a bad day today...*

To Be Continued...

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