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To be strange was one matter, but to be a strange Mikaelson, that was another matter. The Mikaelson family had developed a catagory of their own within the hierarchies of every society they encountered; it was assumed that a Mikaelson was strange in a twisted, manipulative, vicious way. No further explanation was needed when explaining the abnormality associated with the family.

However, when speaking of Margareta Mikaelson, she was known as the strange Mikaelson compared to her siblings. To be considered the strange one even amongst the Mikaelsons was quite the impressive feat, and one would have thought that such a reputation would make Margareta one of the most feared of her siblings. But it didn't; it only made her one of the most dangerous.

Margareta was by far the most demure Mikaelson, which may not say much considering the likes of her family...but it was true. When she walked the streets, she held the presence of a fair lady--the image of class and purity. She was the baby of her family, adored and doted on by her older siblings, even after they were all turned by their scum of a father. She had this alluring manner, that pulled people in, even when they knew who she was; Margareta had this power of convincing people that she was not like her family, although in reality, that could not have been further from the truth of it all.

She charmed all around her, and nobody lived to tell otherwise. Until none other but a cocky arse otherwise called Damon Salvatore makes his way into her life, his careless and cruel manner intriguing the careful and calculating Mikaelson daughter like no other had managed. That was, until he left, shattering everything on his way out the doors of her life.

And in classic Damon Salvatore fashion, decided to return, just as Margareta finished cleaning his mess, throwing her life back into the intoxicating, tumultuously chaotic storm that was their dysfunctional relationship-------with a few snapped necks, obnoxious doppelgangers, and petty family drama on the side.

She was no stupid girl, but nevertheless, he was the only one who could charm the famously charming Mikaelson girl, time and time again.



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