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And, we are.

Hopefully you aren't too upset by the death and the betrayal. I figured it was time to shake things up. I tried hard to work both of those things in there well. I wanted some foreshadowing with Enzo, although subtlety is not my strong suit. I hope I wasn't too ham-fisted with the hints about what was going to happen. And I did try to blindside you with what happened to Trent, because it seemed like this was just another bump in the road. Of course they were going to find the antidote, of course Trent was going to be fine.

And then he wasn't.

For the most part, I don't like hurting my protagonists. But I have to admit that it is a goal to elicit an emotional response from readers. I think that's basically every creative person's goal. And, on top of that, bad shit needs to happen to keep the story from getting boring.

So we've left off on a fairly big cliffhanger again. Lucky for you the next novel, Countdown, is already written and ready to go!

I'll see you there.

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