Drunk and not in love...

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"Hahahaha" I heard. I woke up and opened my eyes. I sit up and see Jacob tickling mahogany. "umm" I said. Jacob stoped and looked at me and stood up. "omg. I'm so sorry Hannah, we can go if yo-" mahogany said but I interrupted her.

"No,no it's ok! I'm going to talk to cameron, and nash anyway." I said.
"Ok" they said. I got up and walked to the hall way. I knocked on nash, and camerons door. Nash opened it. I was hunched over and had no make up on, and was in spandex and a tank top on. plus my hair all frizzy. "yea?" he asked.

"Can I come in? mahogany and Jacob woke me." I asked. He nodded. Cameron was on his phone in a chair. They were both up for a while because they were dressed. wait what time is it? I looked at the clock...... 10:00p.m.!
Ugh! I fell on to a bed. my head in a pillow. basically I looked like a starfish but with 4 arms. "uhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed into he pillow. I rolled backed over and sat up. "what's wrong?" nash asked. I closed my eyes and then opened them. "I miss shawn." I said.

Cameron chuckled a little. "you guys have only been dating for a week."

I rolled my eyes. "shut up" I said.

"Any way! Carter's friend lives near here and were going to his party tonight." nash said.

"Ok, let me get ready" I said. I walked back to my room and no one was there. I got in the shower and washed my body. I also shaved. I'm off of my weekly thing so I don't have to do that. I got dressed in a red crop top and black jeans. I wore black flip flops with it. I curled my hair because I could. I walked out and mahogany was there putting her make up on. and her out fit was weird But it was so cute!

"Your out fit is so cute!" I said.

"Oh thanks! yours is to. Are you going to the party later?" she asked

"Yea. you?"


I walked over to my phone. I had a new message.

💖 Baby 💖- hey babe how's magcon?

Me- good, I wish you were her. 😔

💖 baby 💖- i know but one more day I will be there. i love you

Me- love you to!

End of convo.

I looked up and saw no one. nothing! I'm hungry. I got up and ordered room service. A few minutes later it was here. I ate and was ready for the party. *ring ring*

Phone convo-

Me- hello?

Nash- hey were in the lobby. lets go!

Me- ok

I hung up. I got up and walked to the lobby. I got in the limo and every one was there, even Hayes.


After about 30 min., of nothing we were there. And man was it packed! we walked up there and I went in beside nash and cameron. soon they both left my side. I looked over and saw Taylor. and you could tell he was drunk. I walked over to the drinks and took a sip. the warm liquid burned my throat, it felt good. I drank about 3 cups and I'm now drunk. Every thing is blurry! I walked well I should say stumbled up the stairs and went to an empty room. soon some own else walked through.

Taylor? yup him. "hey sexy" he said. I smiled "hey handsome.

He walked over to me and pushed me up against the wall. I smirked, he came up to me and grabbed my waist I held his neck. I bit my lip. "mhmm" he said.

I could feel him growing. he leaned I. And kissed me. I kissed back. He licked my bottom lip and I let him in. We explored each other's mouths. it felt so good.

Wait what am I Doing! I pushed Taylor off of me. His eyes opened wide. "of my gosh! I just cheated on Shawn!

(( ok! guys like it? I did! and I'm at a party today and my friend pored a bucket of ice cold water on me and got my iPod wet so I had to use my tablet.





Love ya!

- Hannah - 💖

( I edited this because it had errors)

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