Chapter 1

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Hi there, before you read bear in mind that I wrote this book when I was much younger, the dynamics of this relationship is with a dominant female and a more feminine female. Just placing that out there because for some reason people think books on here are all about "gender roles" and blah blah. Actually no, it's just for fun. Currently being edited, Thanks for reading.


---Alex POV

"Alexandraaaaaa Wake up!" I felt someone bounce on my bed. I groaned and peeped up.

"What the fuck?" I asked my twin brother Alexander.

He frowned. When i look at him, all i see is myself. We both had platinum blonde hair and green eyes. His eyes were lighter than mine though and right now he was using them to glare at me.

"Time to go, get up!" i frowned. I just remembered that we were moving to New York today. My dad had already left two days ago.

I got up and yawned and stretched at once. I scared myself while walking pass the mirror. Damn , my hair was all over the place. I Remember i cut my hair to just about neck length. People seemed to have the misguided belief that all lesbians cut their hair short but that's just what it is, misguided. They don't know any better. The only reason i cut it was to make it easier for people to tell me and Alexander apart since he wore his hair long. But silly me ! He ended up cutting his in a faux hawk.

I took a quick shower and washed my hair. I didnt even know this colour of hair was possible ! In fact my hair was a normal dirty blonde when i was younger, but as i grew it got lighter and lighter. It's basically gray now.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my hair with a towel and threw on a robe.

"Alex, Dad is already calling!" Lex yelled up the stairs.

"Well why the hell Lex? We werent due there till 12pm!" i yelled back annoyed. Lex was my nickname for him and he called me Alex, or Lexi.

I quickly dried my hair and pulled it in a ponytail. I put on my underwear and a black skinny jean. Well it wasnt that skinny it was just right. I put on my white polo t-shirt that i had left out the suitcase.

WAIT ! I know what you're wondering. How could a sexy ass girl like me be single huh? Well i'm not that type of person. In fact just the idea of settling down made my stomach churn. I've been hurt one too many times. Although i did have friends.. who were girls, that gave me pussy but other than that , Hell naww.

I shoved my feet in my black converse and picked up my bagpack. I looked around the room once more... Man am i gonna miss this place.

"Lex get my suitcase." i told him as i ran down the stairs. Nope i wasnt older, but he still let me push him around, and i loved it.

"Bye stove, bye microwave, bye pool where i fucked Sandra." i said leaving out to the garage. Alexander soon followed behind me dumping the suitcase in my Red Corvette C7.

"Careful idiot!" i said rubbing my baby. "How dare him throw something at you? No one understands our love."

Alexander rolled his eyes and got into his yellow Corvette. Well like they said, great minds think alike. I got in my car and put on my Chicago Bulls Snapback with my ponytail hanging out. We drove out the garage. Well... Time for a change. I thought positively.

---Jessica POV

I groaned hearing two engines revving next door. I got out of bed and looked out my window. What the hell? Two sexy ass cars were next door. I kinda like the red one better though. I remember some guy moved in a few days back. He was handsome and had short, dirty blonde hair. I watched as two figures emerged out of the cars and stood together. One was wearing a Bulls snapback. GattDamn.. I dunno what it is but i had a fettish for Snapbacks.

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