Chapter 64

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He was no angel.

He had no morals.

He was the devil in human skins.

He would tear the world in two just to see his girl’s smile.

Zayn’s Italian leathered shoes was soundness as he made his way down the carpeted hallways. He glanced at the single rose in his hand nervously.

He had originally planned on giving her a dozen of them, hundreds even, if that could please her. If Evelyn wanted, he would give her a wall of exotic red roses.

But he knew, one rose or a hundred, he wouldn’t win her over with just roses, charming words and his devil-may-care smile.

She feared him. She saw the terror in his eyes every time her eyes met his. That look of sheer horror whenever they were alone? That was the prime example of how much he terrified her. Though fear kept her at his side and keeps her from escaping, it was not what he wanted.

He doesn’t want to build their relationship on fear and hatred. Zayn wanted love. He wanted to hold her willing body close to his, and hear Evelyn whisper those three words he desperately wanted to hear. The three words he knew she’d say to Ethan carelessly.

There were two guards placed outside of her room. And the moment Zayn walked up to them—without instruction—they dashed away at vampire speed.

The guards around the palace had been around long enough to predict Zayn’s order without him having to say it.

Zayn took a deep breath before he gently knocked on the door to Evelyn's room. He heard the shuffle of footsteps from the other side of the door, and moments later, the door slowly swung open.

“I’m not really hungry today,” he heard Evelyn say before the door was fully open. “Could I just have the orange juice please?”

He looked down at the rose in his hand. “I guess I should have came baring orange juice instead of a rose.”

He watched as the door swung open to reveal the light of his life.

Evelyn stood wide eyed beside the door as her blue eyes met Zayn’s dark brown ones. “I thought you were Bree, or one of the maids, bringing me my breakfast.”

“Why, are you hungry?”

“No,” she replied simply. He could tell she was trying to keep her voice emotionless, but he could sense her fear by the beat of her racing heart.

For a moment, he wanted to reach out and caress her face and tell her that he wouldn’t hurt her like that night at the motel ever again. But that would be a promise he wasn’t sure he could keep.

Instead, he just smiled and handed her the rose.

“A beautiful flower for a beautiful girl.”

She accepted the flower wordlessly, careful not to touch his hand.

The rose was beautiful, half bloomed, its petals just separating to reveal the pollenated centre. Zayn had been considerate to cut away all the thorns before presenting it to her.

“Thank you,” she muttered. “It’s very pretty.”

She was hostile towards him, and he knew. It wasn’t like Zayn expected Evelyn to jump into her arms at the sight of a mere flower, but he had expected more, a smile at the least. But though her lack of emotion hurt him a little, what came next was a bullet to his heart.

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