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It has been 4 hours since blue left for her date and now Im starting to get worried, for the past hour or so I have been getting mentally stung a feeling says that something is going to happen.

There is something wrong!!
My inner self said in a whisper that made furious.
Dad was next to me typing  on his computer the occasionally looking at the hour and sighing .
" she's late "

" I know something is not right dad " I say with a worried expression, and picked up my phone and called blue, and when the phone was picked it up it was not her that answered, it was Tyler.

" Tyler where is blue, wait why do you have her phone " I said getting up from the chair and dad followed my action.

" ROSALIE HELP M-" Blue was cut by Tylers voice
" Shut up you bitch "

" Tyler don't you dare touch my sister "

" OR WHAT " he shouted through the phone and made me pull it away from my ear, while doing that dad snatched the phone and put it in his hissing
" who do you work for ass hole "
I stood there looking at me dad waiting for him to make an expression or say something but he stayed quiet, and after a while he closed the phone and headed to the front door taking his coat with him .

" dad "
No response
" dad "
No response
"DAD " I screamed and made him stop by grabbing his arm and spinning him around so that he faced me.
" what did he say to you " I asked, now I felt Lina gripping the the end of my legs I looked down and I saw that her eyes were filled with tears.

" Rosieee what happened to bluebell " she asked .

" nothing baby go back inside " I said , and when she was back inside I turned to back to my father but I was surprised that he was no longer there .

Luckily I had my car keys I My pocket, I ran to my car and started it , and immediately got out if the house to catch up to my dad .
He was driving insanely I kept on honking and honking but he didn't stop .
Until he stopped near a large stone house that looked like it was abandoned, it was dark and lifeless.
Dad got out of the car and went in side , I followed him taking two guns with me .
As I entered the house I shivered from the cold atmosphere, but even with that I took me shoe off so that it will make no sound that will grab any attention, and kept on walking until I saw my dad inter a room that was the only one that had lights switched on, and beyond his figure I saw bluebell tied agains a pole that was hooked to the wall and a cloth was warped around her mouth, but her eyes were pleading with fear and she tried to move but before my dad cold notice a gun was pointed to his head..

The figure with the gun came to sight and it was that Tyler that fucking son of a bitch .

" on the ground now and take off your gun out and place it on the ground.
Dad said what he was told and placed his gun on the floor and Tyler pushed it away with his foot.

Now Rosalie..

But before anything I got out my phone and texted Ezra :
Hey TRACK me now and bring back up .
Then I left my phone out , and went inside and placed one of my guns on Tylers head.
" put you gun on the ground bitch "
Tyler did what he was told and put his gun on the ground and I shot his right foot causing him to scream in pain and fall on the ground and with that I felt something on my head .
Fuck , what is this .. It's looking like a game .
I turned around to see Ely standing in front of me with a golden gun now facing me .
" nice gun bitch " I said .
" you always forget that I always have a plan cousin" he said with a smirk while he took my gun from my hand , and with that I kicked him in the balls making him wince and pulled my second gun an pointed it on him .
" and you keep on forgetting that I always have a second gun "

Ely laughed and said " no I didn't " and with that a cloth was warped around both my mouth and nose .. and I was pulled into dark nothingness .

Sorry for updating late I just finished my finals and now I will be back updating..

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