Eyes On Her

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Part 6-

Your sat there thinking what the hell as just happened, why did Demi just run away. You finally finish up and walk upstairs, the bedroom door is close you you have a good idea Demi is in there, you knock on the door before slowly opening it and seeing Demi wrapped under the covers and curled up into a little ball. You walk over to the side Demi was curled up and push her slightly

You; " Demi move over, we need a chat"

She doesn't talk or even look at you she just moves over and pulls the covers over your head too you both lie there under the covers can't really breathe because their isn't no air, your starting to get hot but you pull Demi closer to you, she just puts her head on your chest.

Demi; " I'm so embarrassed Y/N"

You; " why! I don't blame you, because if it was you I would to the same baby" you say kissing her head softly

Demi; "I-I want to go home, I'm going to call Natalie"

You; "Demi we need to pull the covers back" you say laughing

Demi; " you're right Y/"

You cut Demi off before she can say anything else placing your lips that have been aching for Demi's touch, it starts of slow but soon enough getting heated by the minute.

Demi POV;

I can't believe Y/N knew along who I was, I was scared to tell her and she joked me and acting stupid. But I have to say I liked that a lot because it proves that she like me for me and not the money or the fame! I feel a fool and embarrassed for the tweet I did this morning I just keep replaying it in my head, what if she thinking I'm a weirdo and pervy person.. I just couldn't help but look at her though. I couldn't just sat at the table any longer than I was there I had to make a run for it. At first I forgot I was at Y/N house but I just hid under the covers and kept myself there, I wanted to cry but I held it all back when I heard Y/N coming into the room. When she jumped into bed with me and cuddled I knew it wasn't as bad as it sounded she did make me laugh a few time with the comments coming out her mouth! I felt my day getting better when she kissed me and told me she was taking me out on our first date. So I rang Natalie she came picking me up telling me clo and mar was worries sick about me, it isn't my fault I forgot to tell them I wasn't leaving the club with them.

Later that day

Texts between you&Demi

You; hey you better be ready by half 8, and don't eat nothing because I have planned us something 😜 by the way it's Y/N xx

Demi; half 8?!? You want me to be ready by then? You joking right? Mmm that sounds like fun baby 😏 xxx

You; you have a hour that's all I girl needs 😉 oiiiii stop flirting with me haha, see you soon & I'll pick you up at half 8 ish 😘 xxx

I know I haven't wrote that much, but it's late and I'm tired to hell! I'm sorry I haven't wrote lately I've just been super busy with all this moving out crap 😂

But I wanted to write for you lovely people hope you enjoy it upto now!😁

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