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The whole room buzzed after Namjoon announced that the girl is actually his companion. A lot seemed to have changed in only a few minutes. Namjoon glanced at his brother who looked as confused as everyone else then to his parents who couldn't be more disappointed in him. Did he ruin this party for his brother? The look on his mother's face says it all as she approach his side quietly and pull his arm hard enough so he'd let go of the girl.

"Don't do this." She kept her voice low, ashamed as she already is, "You've done enough trouble, Namjoon. Don't ruin your brother's special night for a woman you don't even know."

For once, his mother said something that was right. He doesn't even know this girl. He just met her a few hours ago but something in him felt unjustified with the way they treated her. It's not because he wants to defend her but because Namjoon saw himself in her.

Why can't he do things without having anyone disappointed in him? Namjoon turned around to look at his brother and even him had the same exact look of disappointment in his eyes, just like his parents, just like everyone else in this room. He felt so out of place as apology flickered on his face for a moment. A surge of courage erupted from his chest coming from deep rooted emotions that he has been keeping since he can remember how to walk. He did not utter a word as he whips his head back to face the girl. She looks at his face, confused and, obviously, still very pretty in her wedding dress. His grip tightened around her wrist as she was dragged behind him and they both exited the party. He didn't take a single glance back and nor did she. She was just grateful that Namjoon was there even if they didn't know each other but it was bound to happen.


three years ago;

"I'm sorry if I ruined the party for you." She hung her head low as he join her on the couch. He softly smiles and moved his arms around her, "I really thought I was going into labor."

He shook his head no and flashed her a smile, "No, don't apologize. You and our baby is more important. The party was boring anyway." Jiyong said. He noticed that she still look sullen so he lift his hand up to lightly pinch her cheek. "Come on. It's really not that important and besides, my parents understand." His hand then intertwined with hers, "I'm happy that we're going to be a family soon."

Her grip tightened around his hand as she softly caress her womb. "I don't know what to expect when he gets born. I'm a little scared."

"I am too." Jiyong warmly put his hand over hers that was resting on her womb. "But we'll be fine. I'm not sure about being perfect parents but we'll be good parents. No one is ever prepared for this."

She warmly smiles at him as he brought his hand up to smooth down her hair, "I love you and I love Noah. Nothing can ever change that."

But it did change. He changed.

Noah was born during a difficult time for her and her family. Jiyong was the only one who was keeping her up until it all went crashing down. The news of her father taking his life surfaced and her family reputation was burned to ashes. Rumors of her father using the company funds for gambling came out of nowhere and spread like fire devouring a forest. She and her family got thrown out of their own house. The bank urged them to pay her father's debt and took everything that had monetary value.

It was a hard time for her and she cried while nursing Noah to sleep. She worried for the future. Jiyong was the only one she could count on. He took her family in and they all lived together in one house. Jungkook, her brother, is still attending school. Jiyong paid for his education while her mother helps her with Noah.

"I'm sorry." She uttered to her husband who was sitting behind his desk in his home office. Jiyong.

"Sorry for what?" He arches his brow in confusion.

"For depending on you too much. It's not only me but my whole family." She reluctantly steps inside his office.

His gaze softens and he stands up to walk in her direction. He embraced her gently, stroking the back of his head softly, "It's my duty as your husband to tale care of everything you cherish. Because I love you."


"I love you."

The long kept silence was broken as she sharply cut through with the words that Namjoon has least expected. He whipped his head to the woman and stared at her in question. The car swerved as Namjoon saw just in time that an incoming car almost collided with them while he was distracted by the sullen woman in his passenger seat.

"Holy fuck." Namjoon was still gripping tight at the steering wheel, adrenaline rushing throughout his veins as his heart pumped faster than normal, then he went back to confront her. "What did you say?"

"I love you." She repeated almost naturally with a worried look in her eyes. "That was the last words I told him before I left him this morning." Her lips began to quiver and he could see that her eyes are watering as well but she was trying to be strong. "I probably wouldn't see him again, not after I've ruined this for him.."

"I don't think he's blaming you..." Namjoon didn't know what to do or what to say to a crying girl in this situation. He offered her a box of tissues. "I mean, you sacrificed a lot for him. You ran away from your wedding just to be with him, right? I'm sure he still loves you and he wants to be with you.."

Namjoon cringed at the last part. He was never the guy to give love advices to anyone. "Y-You're pretty. If I were him and I truly love you, I wouldn't make you cry like this."

By this time, Namjoon couldn't focus much on his driving. His ears felt hot and his palms sweaty on the steering wheel. It was all he could do to make you feel better but he felt like dying himself. Why is he doing all this now? Normally, he wouldn't even care if a girl Taehyung or Hoseok dumped was crying outside of his house.

"What are you saying?" She asked, patting her eyes with a tissue.

"Aren't you talking about the guy who you left your fiancé for?" Namjoon questioned in confusion. Did he read the situation wrong? His face grew hotter as soon as he realized his mistake. "Sorry, my bad. Jumped to conclusions."

"It's fine." She said. "I was talking about my son."

"Oh." Namjoon uttered, prolonging the single syllable until it faded out in silence again. He nervously glance sideways at her and he wouldn't have thought she has a child.

"I'm sorry for everything that happened tonight." She added as Namjoon neared the place where she wanted to be dropped off. "If there's anything I can do to repay you just tell me. I would've died out there if it weren't for you. I'm actually a lawyer so if there's anything I can do for you legally, you can call me and I'll help you get out of it."

Namjoon watched as she typed her number in his phone, poker faced, saving it under her name, Hera Lim. He can tell that she's so tired of life beating her down like how he's been beaten down so many times so he let her go without a fuss. He's not exactly what you call a generous guy but, at least, he is still capable of empathy. He is still human after all.

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