Impractical Jokers: A broken heart patched up

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-----------------Q'S POV-----------------

I woke up to the sound of chirping birds. The sunshine was coming in through the blinds and it looked like a beautiful day. I'm so glad I didn't die from the bullet. I can't leave the guys and Danielle all alone. I still can't believe she would cut again. I walked downstairs to find Murray coming out of Danielle's room.

"What were you doing?" I asked
"Oh nothing, she just wanted me to stay with her for the night." said Murr
"You slept with her?"
"Yes but not how you think. Listen I don't like her in that way anymore. I don't want to date her, I wanna be like her big brother and protect her."
"Good, thanks James."
"Yeah so here want some pancakes?"
"Yeah that sounds nice." I said sitting on the couch.
"So how's your chest? Does it still hurt?"
"Nah I don't feel anything but I know there's a hole there."
"Haha is it deep enough to put a finger through it?" asked Murr
"What? No, I don't know. That's weird."
"Yeah haha sorry."
"It's alright you weirdo."
"I heard Dani laugh last night. I haven't heard that in so long."
"Really? I wish I could hear her laugh I miss it so much. I feel like it's my fault I'm causing this mess." I say
"You guys are perfect for eachother you both think it's your fault when it's not."
"I guess." I got a text from Sam

"Hey weren't you gonna call me?" It said
"Oh yea sorry I was busy." I lied. There was no need to get her worried.
"Oh ok, do you wanna hang out this week?"
"Tomorrow is good." I said
"Great see ya then."

"Who are you texting?" asked Murr
"Sam, I totally forgot about her but I'm meeting up with her tomorrow."
"What about Dani? She could pick you and I thought you didn't like Sam."
"I know but I just want to be friends with Sam."
"Then make sure she knows it's not a date."
Joe walked downstairs.
"Hey Brian how are you?"
"Good you?"
"I'm good. So James how was Dani last night? Is she ok?" asked Joe
"Yea she's good."
"I can't do this anymore. I can't like her." I say
"Q? You okay?" asked Murr
"No. Why does she have to be so beautiful? Why can't I not fall in love with her? I want to stop liking her and move on."
"Eat some pancakes and here's some orange juice. Just don't think about her and we can go see Sam today instead." said Murr
"Thanks but no I don't want to see Sam. I want to see Emily."
"Emily? Our makeup artist?" asked Joe surprised
"Yes, she's one of my best friends and I think she can help me." I started to text her while eating my pancakes. She told me we can meet today around 3 at Resgan, a nice restaurant in town. Sal came downstairs.
"Hey everyone." He said
"Hi Sal." I said
"Oh good you are ok. Oooo pancakes." He said grabbing two.
"I'm going to meet Emily at 3 at Resgan and I can hardly wait." I say
"The makeup artist? Why?" Sal asks
"Because I want to hang out with her." I say
"Oh ok good, hope you have a great time." said Joe
Danielle opened her door and stepped out.
"Murr I didn't hear you leave." She said
"Yeah I got up this morning."
"Wait you two slept together?" asked Sal
"Yeah I didn't want to be alone." said Danielle
"Oh okay" said Sal kind of jealous
"It's ok though Sal I don't like her anymore, I think of her like my little sister now." whispered Murr
I walked upstairs to get ready, I put on my black jeans, my superman shirt and my light brown jacket. I put on my hat and went downstairs. I was so excited to see her and I don't know why.

When it turned around 2:40 I started to walk to town. I walked quickly and I had a big smile on my face. I could tell the guys were watching me outside the window. I didn't care. Could I be getting over Dani? Do I like Emily now? I don't know but I knew I wanted to see her. I arrived at Resgan and sat down at the table with two chairs. It was 2:50 and she entered.

"Hey Brian." she said
"Hey Emily." I said getting up and kissing her on the cheek, she sat down and I pushed in her seat for her.
"Haha thanks." she said
"Wow you look pretty."I said
"Thanks and so do you."
"I'm pretty I know." I said laughing
"Well what would you like to eat?"
"Hmm I'll just take the pasta."
"Great I'll have a steak." I summoned the waiter
"Just pasta and steak please and your best wine." I said
"Oh what's the occasion?" She asked
"No occasion, I just want the best for us"
"Aw haha, I think you're flirting with me Brian Michael Quinn."
"Am I?" I laughed. Boy she was amazing
"So I heard about Danielle and that you got shot. Are you ok?"
"Yea I'm good. Dani is good too."
"That's great." She said
"When are we shooting?" I ask
"Hmm I think next week, we don't want to rush you guys."
"Oh ok, can you make me into a zombie?" I ask
"Right now?"
"No for the show next week"
"I don't know, I'll have to check with the crew." She said laughing
"I love your laugh."
"Thank you"
Our food came and the steak was delicious. I poured some wine.
"Cheers" I said
"Cheers" she smiled
"I know you heard a lot about Danielle but trust me I don't like her."
"Yeah I've heard almost everything and it's ok if you do."
"No I don't, Sal can have her. I like someone else." I say smiling
"Really? And who would that be? Because I think I like someone too."
"Oh you do now?" I laugh
"Yes and I think his name is Brian Quinn."
"Weird. Because I like this girl named Emily Amick. Wait isn't that your name?"
"Why yes it is. Aren't you Brian?" She giggled
"Yes I am."
"Well then if we both like eachother why don't we do something about it?"
"Why don't we. Emily will you be my girlfriend?" I ask
"Only if you will be my boyfriend."
"That's a yes then!"
"Yeah." I hugged her and spun her around, she was laughing. I've known Emily for years and I don't know why I didn't realize that I liked her before. Now Sal can date Dani and they won't regret it and everything is falling into place.
We payed the bill then we walked out holding hands.
"This was great but I have to get going." said Emily
"Wait are we dating now?" I ask
"Yes I guess we are." She said smiling
"Great well see ya."
"Bye Brian."

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