Why Are You Wearing My Clothes?

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When you wear his clothes!

Aoi Valt

Valt was taking a bath right now. Valt agreed on having you over to cure his boredom, which you happily said yes. And the two of you will be alone since Mrs Aoi and the twins are off somewhere.


You lied down on the bed, your eyes traveling over to the closet ever so often with curiosity. Valt wouldn't care if you wore his clothing, right? 

You looked through his closet anyway and found the red hoodie he always wears with the 'V' design. You put it on his hoodie over your plain light blue shirt. You looked around for his yellow hairband and found it, you couldn't find his warmers and decided that it wasn't worth your time trying to find them. You put on the hairband which showed your forehead slightly as the rest of you hair went over the hairband.

You proudly look at yourself at a mirror, after a while, you brought up the hoodie and took a deep breath. 

"It smells like him-" You paused, and then blush. "I hope that didn't come off as creepy."

You didn't even notice your boyfriend looking at you, he got out a little early than expected. 


You freeze and turned, "H-Hey, Valt." You waved awkwardly, embarrassed that you've been caught.

Valt stays staring at you as a smile grew on his face, "You look super cute!" He gushed as he runs over to you and gives you a huge hug. You felt the air squeezed out of you as you hugged back.

"Wait! Lemme get you the warmers and the shorts so we'll match!" He happily says and runs off to his closet, you wait patiently on his bed as he threw his clean clothes all over the place. He then gives you his warmers and his shorts, though they're shorter than his.

After putting them on (in the bathroom), you come out. Valt smiles wider and gives you another hug. "You're so adorable, (Y/n)!"

"T-Thanks, Valt."

Kurenai Shu

You turn around and looked at yourself. You really loved how Shu dressed himself, his pink dress shirt was really comfortable. 

What fabric is this? His black high collared vest was somewhat comfortable. Though, the collar was kinda annoying you. You stretch it out as you glared at it. You were also wearing leggings with black socks. But something seemed like it was missing... 

But then sudden realization hits you.

"Dang, I forgot the tie."

As you turned around, you saw Shu leaning on the door. His arms were crossed as he looked like he had something in his hand.

"...H-Hi, Sh-Shu..." You stutter, your face was now growing red from embarrassment.

He didn't say anything as he walks up to you and wraps something around your neck, "Putting ties are the worst, which is why I hid them in your room since I knew you were going to snoop in my room today." He says, putting on the tie around properly.

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