The Twilight Zone

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The front door swung open to reveal a shirtless, aviator wearing Matt. My heart was wholly Brian's but that didn't stop my tongue lolling just a little at the sight

"Steph," he grunted with all the enthusiasm of a reanimated corpse, no sign of his dimples today.

"I come bearing gifts," I held the bulging take-out bags in my hands aloft and there they were, dimples peeping from his green tinged cheeks.

"You are my fucking hero."

I followed him through to the kitchen where I dropped the bags on the kitchen island before I tore into one and dragged out the large fries I'd bought for myself.

Stuffing a couple into my mouth I moaned in satisfaction before asking, "Where's Val?"

Matt had just taken a huge bite of the burger he'd pulled from one of my bags of goodies. He gave a hum of satisfaction, chewed and swallowed before answering, "At her parents' place with Michelle and the kids. Her mother had a wine and scrapbooking party last night. Sounds like a blast." The burger must have been working its magic because he managed a cheeky smile.

I bit into my own burger, "Where can I sign up?"

"What is that smell?" Brian shuffled into the room, sunglasses firmly in place, followed by Zacky who was squinting against the light. Someone, I suspected Johnny, had made even more enthusiastic use of not just the glitter pen but whole handfuls of the stuff on them after the photo that found its way to my phone.

I stifled a giggle as I gestured to the bags of food, "Call me the cavalry."

"Your woman done good man," Zacky said grabbing up a bag of food and digging in.

"She sure as hell did," Brian murmured against my neck snaking an arm around my waist. Damn. Even his stale morning after the night before scent was a turn on. He reached out and covering my hand drew it up to his mouth biting off a huge mouthful of burger.

"Hey," I protested, "get your own. There's plenty for everyone." I wanted to lick up the dab of sauce that clung to the corner of his mouth. Grinning he tapped me on the nose with a fry.

"You are a sight for very sore eyes and a soothing balm on the agony that is my hangover." He almost unhinged his jaw as he pushed a handful of fries into his mouth.

Brooks breezed into the kitchen looking remarkably fresh. "Hey Steph. You brought food? Wow, that's really kind of you. Anyone for coffee?" He asked cheerfully pausing in front of the coffee machine.

Brian pushed his sunglasses down his nose and observed him through narrowed eyes. "What the fuck are you? That's not even natural man. How the hell are you so fucking chirpy this morning?"

"Pacing and moderation," Brooks punched a couple of buttons on the coffee machine and it started a grinding and hissing noise that had Brian, Zacky and Matt cringing.

"Sadist," Zacky mumbled.

Finally a dishevelled sunglass wearing Johnny stumbled into the kitchen nose extended like a bloodhound. Matt picked up the bag of food that Johnny was reaching for and held it above his head.

"Dude..." Johnny uttered in a voice of deep reproach.

"Dude..." Matt answered waving his free hand in a circle over his head that managed to gesture to Brian and Zacky's glitter and star covered faces and hair.

Johnny shrugged and extended a pleading hand in Matt's direction. Matt gave a gentle huff of laughter as if anything more strenuous was beyond him and passed the bag to Johnny.

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