Slipping Through My Fingers by DefinitelySalvatore

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Author: DefinitelySalvatore

Parts: 45

Status: Completed

Genre: Romance


Rosalie Turner is seventeen and pretty much a lonely soul, as she is forced to care for her younger siblings and mature quickly. When an opportunity to a prestigious school in Brooklyn arrives in the form of a scholarship, she accepts with hopes of providing the best for her brothers. And then she meets Nate. Nineteen year old Nate Sanders is rich, narcissistic, teasing, blunt and above all, a bad boy. They both take an automatic disliking towards one another however very soon, their mutual friends make them realize that they may as well attempt a friendship. Quickly, feelings arise, laughter is present, and heartbreak sets in once reality hits. Rose battles with her reality while Nate struggles with his bad boy persona as their demons loom in the background. But will they let the opportunity of love slip through their fingers?

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