Chapter 03 : Smile For Me

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*DEDICATED TO coolgirl5061*

It's been a week since the bondage came off, My eyes are still trying to adjust and daddy has helped me every step of the way in my recoveryand I haven't talked to Ben that's going to change he's going to tell me what's bothering him or else..

"Daddy can I go outside now?" I asked impatiently as he gave me my medicine

"Yes, but only until have to be home by then OK oh and bring Jeff and Smile with you"

"Smile? Who's smile?"

"Oh that's right you didn't meet him yet did you?"

"No who is he?" I asked intrugued with the new member

"Well he's more like a what and you'll probably like him....wait here" he replied hurrying out the door and to the living room I think....he came in with a red dog....wait!? a red dog? what's on that dog anyway dye? or is it blood? 

"Well Sally this-this is Smile dog...well you can tell why he's called that" he said as he let go of Smile's collar.....

"Uhm what's on his fur?" 

"It's uhm...I think it's natural yah..natural I guess" daddy said scratching hes head

"Ok?" I replied "Can I go now!?" I asked impatiently

"Hmmm...Fine you can go just-just please be careful" he said with a long heavy sigh

As I went down the stairs with Smile to meet Jeff I felt like someone was watching was unnerving


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