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JAMES COULDN'T HELP BUT SMILE. Smile at how adorable Natalia looked; not that she didn't look adorable or gorgeous all the time. But the way she made silly faces at Liam, making Liam giggle in the process, made his heart melt.

At the moment, Natalia, James and Liam- who somehow always found his way to Natalia during matches. Natalia was his favorite person to hang with out during the Real Madrid matches because, she always took him to buy sweets; even if Clarice said no. She also always spent time with him talking about football- which he wouldn't say much about since he was only two but he absolutely loved to listen to Natalia talk about football.

James had not played today's match since he had gotten a small injury on his right leg, but it wasn't much since he would be set to play next week. He had decided that if he couldn't play he might as well come to watch and support his teammates. James had asked Natalia to join them and she had agreed because, she had liked the feeling of being able to watch live matches once again since she hadn't during the time James was in Germany.

Natalia had made herself so busy with her work and other things she could do to occupy herself with that she never had the time to go to the Santiago Bernabeu and watch a match. But that didn't mean she didn't watch some of their matches from home when she had the time. She had supported Real Madrid since she was young, the love for the club and football was something that would never go away.

"GOL!" Liam and Natalia yelled as they watched that the home team had scored. "De papa!" Liam yelled with even more excitement as she had seen that it was his father who had scored.

He couldn't help but grin and let out a laugh at how Natalia's face had lit up at seeing them score. Even after so many years, her love for football never went away. Moments like these easily brought him back to memories from when they were younger. When they would sit in front of the small television the Rodríguez-Rubio family owned, and they would spend hours watching their favorite teams. Or when they would watch live football matches from their hometown team.

Seeing the beautiful smile appear on her face or hearing her adorable and angelic laugh was something that James would never get tired of.

Natalia was now twenty-five, she was a much more matured version of the Natalia he had met for the first time. Her long, curly, caramel colored hair wasn't in the two neat braids that it was usually in when she was younger, instead it was now replaced with straight dark mocha colored hair that was shoulder length. Her bare, golden skin was still the same but she now wore makeup that gave her a much mature look. Natalia didn't wear the same bright colored skirts that were usually embodied with small patches that she used to love.

She was definitely not the same girl she was when she was fifteen, but beneath it all, she was still the same girl with the big heart. The compassionate and kind-hearted girl who everyone loved, who he still loved. The girl who he would do absolutely anything for in a heartbeat, the girl he could never get out his head, the girl who he would always be in love with.

"Lets go James, we're all going to the locker rooms to congratulate the boy on their win," she stated, holding Liam in her arms.

He nodded, and trailed behind her on their way to the locker room. But during their short walk their, his mind couldn't help end up thinking about her. They way she acted when she was around Liam, and he wondered that if he wouldn't have ruined things between them, it would be their baby in her arms and they would cheer him on whenever he would play.

They made their way inside, as well as the other wags, and congratulated everyone for the win. Liam quickly made his way to hug his father and babbled about the goal he had scored. Natalia quickly found her way towards Raphaël, made James begin to feel jealousy immediately.

The fact that Natalia could possibly have feelings for him, and that she was so close to Raphaël made him feel jealous– and he hated the fact that he couldn't help but feel like he wasn't good enough for her and he would never be.

"Rapha!" Natalia exclaimed, running to hug him, as James trailed behind her. "You played amazing! No one can ever get past you, can they?"

"Of course not," Raphaël joked.

James rolled his eyes. His jealousy made him feel like his teammate was a bad person. He knew that Raphaël was a good person, but his jealousy clouded the thought of his teammate being a good person.

"Great match, Rapha," James spoke with no enthusiasm at all, sounding a bit fake with every word he spoke.

"Thank you," Raphaël replied. "Are you guys back together now?" He added with a smile.

James wanted to scream yes, but that wasn't the truth. Natalia shook her head. "No Rapha, just hanging out."

Raphaël nodded. He knew he should've never asked that. But the Frenchman was just hoping that they were because, whenever Natalia was with James she was always happy or had a big smile on her face. All he wanted was for his best friend to be happy again, and the only person he thought could make her happy was James.

Being together with James again, wasn't necessarily bad– or even bad at all. But she felt like forgiving him had already been something big she had to do. Getting back with him was something she wasn't ready for, or something she wasn't planning yet, or ever.

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