Out Of Control

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Chapter -1-


the alarm beeped loud enough to wake half the household but somehow it didn't disturb Jaden.

the lack of sleep finally caught up with her and she was almost comatose.

it was in New town, a new school. Martha, jayden's mother was going to make sure Jay wasn't late on her first day.

the knock on Jays bedroom door was strong and assertive, so much so that it woke 17 year old Jaden from her restless slumber.

" come on get your lazy ass up! you're late for school" the door flew open and a middle aged brunette stood in the doorway

" Jaden don't make me drag you out of bed myself!" the older woman's features seemed hardened by time her tone demanding and very strict.

when jayden failed to get out of bed Martha frowned and took determined steps towards her daughter, taking a strong hold of the covers and tugging them away and off of the bed.

Jaden groaned loudly and sat up  half asleep, she rubbed her bloodshot eyes wiping away the tears from sleep deprivation and looked at her mother with a disdainful glare.

" don't you be there at noon its time for school" Martha began to say as she spun around and made her way into the hall.

" shit!" whispered Jay just loud enough for anyone in close proximity to hear.

" hey! I heard that! watch your language missy !" shouted Martha from down the hall,  Jaden let out a resigned sigh and ran her fingers across the slowly healing cuts that spread along her arm.

even though both her parents had wavy brown hair and brown eyes, Jaden was different. her hair was straight with a deep shade of red that's always attracted attention,

she stood at 5 feet 9 inches which was almost a good 4 inches taller than her mother, her figure was toned but not too slim for her age and her skin, pale shade of white, complimented her feminine features.

all in all, Jay was rather attractive but she shied away from the spotlight, her behavior was erratic time and the scars didn't help much either.

she looked at herself in the mirror, the scar ran down her side, from the top left shoulder down to just above her hip bone on her left side. her parents have always said it was from a car accident when she was 4 years old, but she didn't remember much though her nightmares told her a different story.

he shrugged his feelings and the memories away and pulled on a pair of ripped faded grey jeans and a charcoal black sweatshirt with "the Pretty Reckless" logo printed on the front.

she grabbed her cell phone and her keys and stuffed them into her backpack then headed downstairs, her mother and stepfather sat at the table in the kitchen, she walked past them and grabbed an apple taking a massive bite.

" mom where are my car keys?" she looked around but couldn't spot them anywhere.

" don't you think me or Steve could drive you today?" came Martha's reply but Jay shook her head furiously.

" no! I'd rather drive myself there!" Jaden didn't remember much of a father, all he had left her was an old beat up 80's Trans Am Firebird that would barely start.

Jaden had spent most of her teen years fixing it up, she saved every penny she could spare and got the old car running again. With a brand new paint job and a high quality audio system, car almost looked brand new, all that was missing was the Phoenix emblem on the hood.

" your car keys are next to the microwave though I really think you should let us drive you to school" Martha insisted but Jay was already halfway out the door.

on her way to school Jayde turned the music up so loud, the base thumping so hard she could feel it in her sternum. she drummed her fingers on the steering wheel in rhythm to the newest song by The pretty reckless.

she glanced at her cell phone clock when she pulled up into the school parking lot, shee wasn't late yet but she would be if she didn't get to the principal's office in a hurry.

the 17 year old redhead sprinted towards the main entrance almost knocking over a few students on her way. she stood out of breath in front of the office door, numerous student's glanced at her curiously  as they walk by, but no one paid her much attention, they all scattered once the bell rang.

Jay took a deep breath and steadied herself before going into the office. he was greeted with a warm smile

" you must be Jayden Jones" the secretary beemed at her and Jay simply smiled then nodded.

" principal white will be with you shortly" Jaden nodded again and took a seat near the door, the minutes ticked by slowly as if suddenly father time decided to slow down the progression of the universe.

principal White came out of her office after what seemed like a decade. Samantha White was an elegant woman, clad in her striped pencil skirt and silk cream blouse, her smile was radiant and her features very welcoming.

she motioned for Jaden to follow her which the redhead did without question. principal White lead JJ through the halls and stopped in front of a classroom door.

"if you need anything, my door is always open" Samantha announced and wIs that final statement she pushed the door open and introduced Jaden to her fellow classmates.

Jay took a seat at the back of the class by the window, given it was the only empty seat but she really didn't mind being in the background, she rather preferred it that way.

Jaden hoped the day would go by without any meaningful encounters as swiftly as possible, and while the first event was probable, the second was far fetched because time was going by infernally slow.


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