Chapter XLIX - Into The Fire

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Go to: to read a chapter ahead (Chapter 50) Might contain a diff. POV *hint*

My mate is furious. Dangerous violent energy radiates off of him. His anger is red hot in my chest and it burns and fuels my own rage. His deadly cold soulless eyes are focused on the gunman whose barrel of the gun is aimed at my head.

I sense that both gunmen are werewolves. At this point though, I don't care if they're werewolves, lycans or unicorns, I'm craving their blood more and more as my lycan Juno surfaces. I just want to destroy the threat to my mate.

My own red gaze follows the first werewolf whose gun is trained on my mate's head. NOBODY holds a gun to my mate and gets away with it. Nobody!

I want to rip his head off. I want to reach in and grab his still-beating heart in my hand and crush it.

An angry snarl escapes my mouth and the werewolf gunman strikes the barrel of the gun against the side of my head. It doesn't hurt me much but that seems to snap whatever control my mate has. He bares his teeth and sharp canines with a hiss. In a blur of a movement, he's standing behind the gunman. One arm is around the man's neck while another hand is taking control of the gun. The gun that was pointing at my head is now pointing at the other gunman.

My mate just stands there for a beat before he pulls the trigger. I have a feeling that he's not hesitating, merely giving the men the privilege of knowing what's coming to them.

A sickening cracking noise followed the sound of the gunshot even before the first gunman's body hit the ground. Darius twists the second man's head right after he pulls the trigger.

I look down at the two bodies lying on the floor, unmoving. One man has bullet holes in his head while the other man with his head turned at a weird angle.

My red tinted haze recedes. I feel my own lycan, Juno rejoicing. It's retreating, giving me back the control with almost an unrestrained bubbling evil glee.

I stare back up at my mate in awe. He was so fast. His movement was graceful and precise. His eyes are still black with the veins snaking out from his eye sockets. I can sense his struggle to control his lycan. I step towards him and he tugs me into him. He buries his face in my hair and his nose brushes over my neck while he takes a deep breath. I sigh and press my face into the crook of his neck. His heady scent is calming my lycan even more.

"Malyshka," he breathes against my skin. "You're okay."

"I'm okay," I assure him.

He twined the locks of my hair that has come undone through his fingers while he nuzzles my ear. "Listen to me, Любимая (lyubimaya: sweetheart), that was only the first stage of the attack. Explosions and werewolf rebels with guns. It was a distraction to weaken us. The second round of the attack is coming. My bet is, it will be lycan rebels. Hand combats with the royal army to grab what they came here for..." he leaves the sentence hanging. He doesn't need to finish it. I know what or who they're after. The moment King Alexandros announced that he's crowning Caspian and me as King and Queen tonight, we knew they were coming for me or Caspian.

"Do they know that I'm your mate? Are they coming for me as your mate or as the future queen?" I'm curious to know.

"I don't know and I don't care, but they can't have you," he answers gruffly. "Malyshka," he whispers. "Stay close to me. Whatever you do, don't let them take you away from me." He draws back to look into my eyes. "Promise me." His own eyes are now back to icy blue but they are cold and ruthless. I sense his steely determination and resolve. He'd do anything to keep me alive.

I cup his cheeks with both hands and rub my thumb across his skin. "I'll do whatever I can not to be taken by them if you promise to stay alive. If you dare to get yourself killed, I will personally kill you myself...again. I swear." Wait, that doesn't sound right. I brow furrows as I start to think things through. "I mean, don't you dare die on me. If you die, you know I'm gonna have to go after whoever killed you. Then I'll die because they have to kill me because I won't stop...and you don't want that...."

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