Chapter 1

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Dr. Evan Snyder pulled off his latex gloves, and threw them away. He then turned to nurse Jane, who awaited his instructions. "Have a room set up, and let the family know he'll be staying a while. I'm headed out, it's been a long day, and I need some air."

Nurse Jane nodded. "Yes sir. I think your shift might actually be over for the night anyway."

Evan looked over at the clock. "It is, past time in fact," he agreed as they walked out of the room. "You know it's been a long night when you don't even realize it's over," he gave a humorless chuckle, "Make that a long day."

"So true," Nurse Jane agreed. "You know, tonight, is a full moon."

Evan snickered, "Random, but okay."

"Yep, and you know all the beasties come out on a full moon," Jane said, ignoring his snickers.

Evan stopped walking at her words, and turned. His jaw was slack, as he stared at Jane, his "no nonsense" nurse. "Beasties?"

She gave a decisive nod. "Beasties: werewolves, vampires, phantoms. Those things that are meant to scare."

Evan snorted before he once more began to walk. "In the movies maybe. This however, is real life Jane, and those things aren't real."

"Mark my words sir, they are real, as real as you and me. They may hide in the shadows, but they exist, and on a full moon they have nowhere to hide," she told him with a decisive nod. Then she slipped into the room where the family waited.

Evan continued to walk down the hall to his office chuckling, "Beasties indeed!"

Once there, he shut everything down, turned off the lights. After locking his door, he headed out.

Calling out his goodnights to those he passed, Evan stepped out the Emergency Room doors. Pausing, he took a moment to breath in the warm night air as he shared up at the full moon. It was big, bright, and beautiful.

"Beasties indeed," Evan said again as he began to walk, heading for his car. Halfway there, he paused once more and listened. What was that he could hear? Was it, "Crying?"

Evan stood still, hardly moving as he strained his ears. Yes, it was definitely crying that he heard, and it sounded feminine. Glancing around, he tried to figure out where it was coming from. Moving forward a bit, he glanced down along the side of the building where there were flowering bushes and benches. The crying was muffled, but seemed to be coming from the farthest bench, almost hidden in the shadow of the buildings.

"Hello? Miss, are you alright?" he called out softly, not wanting to scare her. "Are you hurt? I'm a doctor if you need help."

The crying stopped, but soft sounds continued as if she was trying to quiet herself. Moving closer, he saw her, her back to him, sitting on the only bench all in the shadows of the buildings.

"Leave me please," she cried.

The husky sound of her voice sent chills down his spine even as the heaviness of tears in it had his heart hurting for the unknown girl.

He moved closer. "Please, tell me what is wrong. I only want to help."

She sniffled pitifully before saying, "You can't help me."

He moved closer to the bench.

She pulled her legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms tightly around them as if trying to shrink, and disappear.

"Not if you don't tell me what's wrong," he told her.

Her hand came up, trembling, as she wiped at her face. "I'm hungry...."

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