food prank

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Today so turning out amazing so amazing that leo wanted to play a game.

"(y/n) play a game with me."
"Do i have too."
"Yup. you have too since you signed the contract."

"what contract?"

"The contract you signed when you became my favorite person in the world."

"okay fine. What's your game."


"I'm not drinking Leo."

You looked at him hurt, mad and worried.

"we aren't gonna do actual shots. We just gonna mix random things and see if we can take it or not."

"um okay."

"Trust me it's fun."

He pulled me into the kitchen And on the countertop are 2 shot glasses. He mixes soy sauce, soy milk and sriracha.

"dare to take ir."


I take the shot in one essay gulp with no reaction.

"now my turn."

I mix salt, milk, anchovies, chocolate syrup, 1 small egg and as the topping I added a sprinkle of bitter cocoa powder.

"wanna take the shot."

"pretty I can die from like half the stuff."

"You will be fine.why are you afraid."

He brings the shot glass up to his nose wanting to throw up.

"Mike already showed me this game. When I wrote down the experience I also wrote down the recipe he used. Been secretly looking at my phone."

"First off its Mikey darling and second off that's totally cheating."

"too bad too sad."

"I hate you."

"I know you mean love."

He brings me closer to him and kisses my forehead.

"Come on let's go see if anyone else besides Mikey will take the shot."


It was a fierce and angry battle going on between me and raph on who was gonna win mario kart. It was close UNTIL RAP HIT ME WITH A FREAKING BLUE SHELL

"Come on. 1 more game and who ever loses has to go get the pizza."

We played another round of mario kart and i lost again.

"Pizza please."
"Get that smug look off your face."
"I said please."


I went to go get the pizza. I opened it to see it had bacon and sausage so i pulled out a bag of chocolate cockroaches and tried to place them where they wouldn't be out of place. After that i brought the pizza out to raph who was too busy gaming to notice it.

"So raph do you like the pizza."
"Yea. pizza is pizza."
"So it doesn't taste weird."
I held the bag of chocolate cockroaches up to his face and i could see the fear in his eyes."
"You didn't."
"Take another bite if you think i'm just kidding."

I started running away laughing my butt of.

"Catch me if you can. Does Not revenge taste like cockroaches."
"I'm gonna murder you."
"Gotta catch me first."


I heard a loud crash come from the other side of the lab. I looked over to see donnie coughing off some of the left over smoke.

"Are you okay."
"Yea im fine. Can you grab me a soda though."

I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed 3 sides. I made sure to shake one up before giving the shaken one to donnie. He was staring too intently at his new invention to even pay attention. He opened it and the soda went everywhere on him.

"What the heck."
"Would you like your drink shaken or stirred."
"I would like a drink that's not all over me."
"Okay fine then lets play a game."

I showed him the other cans and told him to pick one."

"Knowing you there probably both shaken."

"Just pick one."
He picks one and carefully he opens it.

"Well that didn't explode. I still need a towel to clean myself up."
"I'll get you one."

"It better not be tampered with."

"Me. i would never do anything wrong or do a practical joke."



i was visiting murakami. As a joke i planned a special dinner for mikey.

"I got the things."
He pauses and kaughes.

"Do you think he will notice all of those things."
"No even a clue."
I gave him the items and in about an hour everything was finished and mikey came.

"Here you go."
"Thanks man."
Mikey ate it as if there was nothing wrong.

"So you don't taste anything weird about it."
"Nothing at all. I mean the jelly beans just make it more chewy and the sardians really make it better tasting."
Murakami just laughs as i stand there with a surprised look.
"Yea. these are some of my favorite things to put on pizza. Thy taste amazing."
"You went over to him."
"You really are something huh."

He smiles a cheeky smile at me and i smile back.

"Lucky me."

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