What I Never Told You:BluePulse

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I let out a sigh as I walked through the doors to our home, our little attic. I looked around for any indication that Bart was home only to find a letter adressed to me with my name written in cursive at the front. I picked it up and opened it gently.

Dear Jaime,

This is a last goodbye I guess...I'm writing to you individually because I never told you somethings. Like I never told you how amazing you are. How you look beautiful and your eyes have a shine in them whenever I brought you Chicken wheezies(?)

I never told you how nervous I was when I first met you. I mean have you seen yourself. If you haven't look in a mirror. I never told you enough how much I love you I never told you whenever something was troubling me. I never told you how much you mean to me and how much I'll miss you when I'm gone as I have to go away for a bit.

I never told you how beautiful you are to me, how when you laugh its amazing and adoreable. I never told you that when you smile it lights up my whole world. I never told you how much I enjoyed that we both fell in love and found out that we loved each other by accident.

I never told you how much I hate myself when your sad or have been hurt since I wasn't there to prevent it from happening. I never told you how much I hated it when you were sent on a mission without me as anxiety filled me up as I wonder if I'll ever be able to see you again.

I never told you how much I loved our cuddles as we watch a whole range of movies as we were bother scared by the horror films even though we both denyed it. I never told you how much I enjoyed our little dates even if they were at the bizarrest places or at home as long as I was with you I didn't mind.

The list of things I never told you could go on forever and I wish I could but I'm in a slight rush to write this. I will never tell you in person how sorry I am for leaving you without any notice as I am going off the grid for a while. Plus when I return I don't expect you to hug me or anything as you'll probably be really mad at me for leaving. I'm sorry.

With lots of love,
Bart xx

I felt weak at the knees as I dropped to the floor. A feeling of sadness filled me. I felt like I couldn't breathe as tears streamed down my face. I couldn't believe he left. It seemed impossible that he would leave me like that.I was sobbing uncontrollably as I couldn't stop.It felt like my heart had been ripped it half. I wont know why he left entirely. But I guess I'm glad he explained why he left.

After a while I managed to stand back up as I flopped into the sofa too depressed to move anymore. I felt numb like nothing would matter anymore since he was gone. I looked out the window only to see the night sky with all its bright glowing freckles in the sky. It was beautiful, just like Bart. I just wish he went off with me without leaving....

I honestly couldn't believe I left him like that. But I had to I couldn't stay there after what had happened. I needed space away from everyone. Unfortunately that includes Jaime. Everyone is probably going to hate me when I get back... well thats if I go back.

I looked around the room I was staying in for as long as I could as it was a decent room. It had a cream-white colour with a bright teal accent wall where the bed was, which had teal bedding and a grey headboard and frame, a televison was propped up on a wall as it had an en-suite which was also decorated with white and teal.

A single year fell down my cheek as my thoughts lingered back to Jaime. He'll never know something's that I never told him. Like how much I miss him right now and where I am....

I wish I didn't have to play this sick twisted game anymore. I'm fed up of hurting them but i guess if I carry on they won't get hurt physically by him.

I sent him a message

BartLovesFood: It's done.
IHateEverything: Well done know your little Blue lover boy won't get hurt now will he?
BartLovesFood; No now what else do I need to do?
IHateEverything: I'm glad you asked. You need meet me at the central park nearby in Leeds 9pm tomorrow.Also if you don't them your precious little team get hurt and don't question how.
BartLovesFood: Okay just dont hurt them.

I turned off the burn phone they gave me and threw it at the nearest wall and collapsed into the bed. I started crying again wishing they would leave me alone and finish this game of theirs.


Alrighty then this is another oneshot requested by: Erix_18

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