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(Vanessa Pov)
I come inside my home from the grocery store and crash down on the couch flipping on my laptop which was laying on the couch to relax.

I can't believe how stressed I am. First yesterday my favorite doctor was replaced by a creep and I can't find my phone anywhere.
Due to anxiety I even skipped work today. Very personal photos of me and David are on my device and I don't know what I'd do if someone saw it. Thankfully since the boss is my Mom I'm sure she'll understand.

Suddenly a buzz sound on my computer catches my attention as I check my Instagram.
I check my messages and smile seeing my boyfriend David at the top in bold.

Hey babe I'm Bored and Off Work Wanna Dine or Something? 😘

I reply still smiling

Sure Let's Go To Dingo Cafe

"Hey Nessie!" David says running over to kiss me the moment he sees me enter the diner. I smile kissing him back. "Hi to you too, you sure know how to cheer me up."
David frowns leading me to a booth.
"What do you mean Nessie? What's wrong?" David asks with concern.
I explain everything that's bothered me in the last two days and David nods understandingly petting my hair.

"It's ok Nessie I'm sure you can request a new doctor and I'll you get a new phone I swear."

"Oh really?!" I practically cry out in glee forgetting about our lewd photos.

"Ya anything for you babe." David smiles.

As I lean in about to kiss him someone's shadow distracts us. Thinking it's the waiter we look up. My eyes widen when l see who it is. "Dr. Rylan?" I say in confusion not expecting to see the creepy doctor. David glares at him but remains quiet. "Ah yes Ms. Vanessa what a surprise to see you here;Oh and please call me Rylan no need for formalities here." I just stare still shocked.

"Well since I'm here, I had meant to give this to you when you returned to the clinic but..." Rylan rumbled through his pockets.

"Give me what?" I asked curiously.
My eyes sparkled with joy the instant he pulled out my phone setting it on the table. "W-Why thank you so much!" I exclaimed happily hugging the doctor.He smiled. David eyed Rylan with suspicion. " I never thought I'd see this little beauty again." I said tucking my phone in my purse pulling out a few 50 dollar bills.

"No that's ok Ms. Vanessa I don't want payment but there is something else you could give me in return."

I looked at him questioningly.

"Well Ms.Vanessa your a beautiful woman and more than anything I'd love to take you out on one date." Rylan said giving me the biggest smile he could but stopped when I frowned.

"I'm so sorry Rylan but you see... I have a boyfriend..."

"Ya she's taken." David said defensively putting his arm around me glaring at Rylan who's mouth was open slightly in shock.

" Oh well um.. guess I'll be going." With that he left the shop.
David took his arm off crossing his arms. "That guy's a creep."
"Agreed." I said nodding my head.
David and I ordered once the waiter came. After we got our food the waiter asks me if I was ok since she was worried when I didn't make my shift earlier and I told her not to worry.

After a few hours of talking David went to his car to drive me home.
As we walked to the car I couldn't shake the oddest feeling that I was being watched.

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