Chapter 2

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I woke up beside Sam and kicked him off the bed. And started to laugh. I then jumped on top of Dean. And he put a gun to my head. And I quickly took it from him and ducked and rolled out the bed. I landed beside Sam who was groaning because I think I kicked him in his nuts. Dean looked over at Sam. "This is the second time that happened to Sam". Being hit in the nuts

I felt kinda bad. "Sorry, Sammy. I was aiming for your stomach". I told him then helped him up. Sam nodded. But then mumbled something about revenge. I smiled at him. "Now why the hell did you wake us up at 6 o clock in the morning. "Because while y'all were sleeping like little girls I found a case. It sounds like a wendigo 5 campers went missing never came back". I told them.

"Alright then where is it"? Dean asked "Minnesota a small town named Pinecreek. I said. Dean nodded. "Sam I'll get the flamethrowers". Sam said. We nodded and after we packed up. I left and git in the back Cas called Dean. And he told us where we were. I heard a flap and Cas was beside me. "Hello". He said in his deep voice. "Hi. Cas". I said looking out the window. We talked to the park ranger. Of course, he made a comment about my age and the FBI. But we convinced him.

Cas was looking at some stuffed deer and bears. I walked over and looked at them too. Cas kept staring at me. "Is there something on my face"? I asked him. "No, he said looking away". I ignored his weird behavior. And Sam and Dean came over. "Let's go". They said. "Ok". I said. Cas and I followed them.

We went to go change out of our law enforcement costume. Well expected for Cas. We walked into the woods and found a sign in a cave that said do not enter. I was the first to go to Sam and Dean didn't even see me go in. But Cas saw me and informed them i went in.

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