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My real name doesn't matter but I go by Lynn. And here's my story.

So back when I actually had friends that cared they would always talk about boys. And that started when we were in 3rd grade. By 4th they wanted me to join in, but I didn't think I liked or thought any boy was cute. Then I told them I might later on in the year cause I didn't know what was going on with me. Later that year I started thinking girls where cute and that I would date one of them. Then I thought about me being a girl and it just being a phase.

Nope, cause in 5th grade I remember that we were playing a game of tag. And this girl was running from the person who was it. She was about to fall so I caught her back and held her to my chest. 

She was so soft and I liked the way she felt in my arms. So I held her longer than needed. She said thanks, kissed my cheek and ran off. I was frozen, then got tagged. So when I was running after people I was asking myself why she felt so great in my arms and why I wanted to kiss her.

Back in 6th grade I didn't want to think about girls so I dated boys. It didn't feel right. And one guy I dated tried to touch me in an intimate way, but I shoved him and said we were through.

Then in 7th grade I told my bi best friend Talen. He asked me cause he liked me and asked me out that year and I said no. And he watched me check out girls. So I confided in him. Then he decided to be best friends with my ex besties and stopped talking to me. After that I told one of my straight best buds that I didn't like guys. So he let me talk to him.

Now I'm in 8th grade and this year I came out to certain people that I was lesbian. And they all said they knew and loved me anyways, but one of my bi friends, she knew I liked her a little and said that I am weird. She told everyone that I used to talk to that I was lesbian, but I didn't care about that. But when she said something to my parents, I flipped and told her I'd tell them when I was ready and she didn't like that too much. She started spreading a rumor that I masturbate and when I do I say her name.

That was right before December of 2017. And I still haven't come out to my parents or family, but I think I've dropped enough hints to them throughout the year that they might actually not be to weirded out about it.

And that's my story.

- Lynn  2503lynn

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