- Chapter 8 -

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I was woken up by someone shouting  my name.

"Wh.. what?"

It was Chaeyoung.

"Is there something going on?" I asked while rubbing my eyes.

"IT'S TODAYY!!" Chaeyoung exclaimed and she seemed super excited.

"What is today?"

I was still half-asleep and also confused about what Chaeyoung was super excited about.

"How could you forget? We're moving to a new house!!"

I looked at Chaeyoung and sighed

"are you serious? That's the reason why you were shouting my name to wake me up?"

Chaeyoung looked unsatisfyed with my reaction.

"um..duhhh aren't you excited? I did wake you up to show you my excitement, but we're also late for school."

My eyes widened as I grabbed my phone to check the time. We were super late and it was only our second day of school.

"We can't be late Chaeyoung. Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" I was talking to Chaeyoung as I headed to the bathroom.

Chaeyoung looked annoyed "What do you mean?! I tried to wake you up several times already! Don't blame me for being late cause I at least waited you to wake up."

We were complaining/arguing with each other while getting ready and while we were going to school. Then, on our way we found out that we were 20 minutes late already so Chaeyoung and I started running. Chaeyoung ran faster than me, so I was left behind even though I was sprinting.

When I arrived to my classroom, I burst the back door which caused everyone to turn their attention to me.

"Ms. Dahyun? You're late. Why are you late?" Mr.Min asked while he lifted one of his eyebrow.

I was catching my breath from all the running I did while walking towards my seat.

"I'm sorry Mr. Min, I overslept this morning."

Mr.Min sighed

"Okay Dahyun. Make sure you come on time tomorrow."

I sat on my seat and quickly took all of the stuff I needed for class. After I got ready, I looked to my left and gave a quick 'hello' smile to Jungkook.

First class was English, and we were learning about Gothic stories.

"You guys are going to create a presentation with a partner. Your partner will be whoever you're sitting next to."

As soon as Mr. Min finished explaining, I felt deadly glares from the girls in our class, especially Park Jihyun.  I remembered what she told me yesterday but I just tried to ignore her. I was getting a bit scared so I looked at Jungkook and starting talking to him.

"Hi Jungkook. How are you?"

Jungkook ignored my question and asked,

"Are you okay?"

I asked back

"What do you mean?"

Jungkook then clarified his question

"I was asking about yesterday. Remember? When you got hit by the ball?"

By asking that question, he reminded me about PE class. Of course I was super embarrassed since I just fainted in front of my class, especially Jungkook. I also remembered how I was staring at him for the whole class, until I got hit by the ball.

"Oh, I fine now. Thanks for asking." I answered while putting my head down to cover my embarrassed face.

"Good, I was just worried." Jungkook said.

I swear my inner-fangirl was about to burst out. I was screaming in the inside but had to look calm and controlled. To settle myself, I started a conversation about the English presentation.

"So Jungkook, what do you think we shou-"


Jungkook suddenly interrupted my sentence.

"What? What's wrong Jungkook?"

Jungkook looked at me with an unhappy face.

"Hmm.... When's your birthday?"

It was a random question but I answered it anyway.

"May 28. Why do you ask?"

Without answering my question, he asked


I was getting more curious of why he was asking me these questions.

"No... 1998..."

"I knew it! You're younger than me. I'm born in 1997."

He seemed kinda excited for some reason... I gave him a confused look.

"and why is that important?"

Jungkook smirked

"cause.... now, you have to call me oppa!"

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