seventy six (eloratt)

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This book is dying? Everyone's leaving?? Is that a sign that I need to get Eloratt back together? Fine.

"No Jaeden don't do that- Awh fuck he did it!" Elora exclaimed. Jaeden simply giggled uncontrollably, staying on top of her. Their legs were tangled and Jack was underneath both of them, face red from laughing so hard. Twenty minutes earlier, Sophia had brought out 'Twister' and none of them argued about playing. It was a fun game.

  Jeremy began to violently cough, and Jaeden looked up at him to see if he was alright, but the second he did, he collapsed on top of Elora and Jack.
"LIEBERHER I SWEAR TO GOD-" Elora shrieked, trying to pry him off of her, but he continued to giggle. Jack made a choking sound.

  "Git yer fat asses off a me.." he groaned, not being able to say the whole sentence properly, which made Wyatt chuckle. Chosen and Finn were betting money on who was gonna stay up last, but since they'd all fallen over at the same time, it was hard to tell. Finn was rooting for Jack, and Chosen for Elora. Jaeden was kind of just.. there and on top of both of them.

  "But Jack technically fell last because he was being crushed." Finn argued.
"But- but didn't you see that after they'd all fallen, Elora was managing to keep herself up- I swear I saw it!" Chosen retorted.

  "How about we spend the money on buying weird shit tomorrow and we can all do a YouTube video on my channel?" Jeremy suggested. Elora finally shoved Jaeden off of her and let out a sharp breath, regaining posture and reaching a hand up to fix her staticky hair.
"I'm all for that idea!" She exclaimed.

  Wyatt watched her with admiration, the way her eyes popped when Chosen told her about a Menchies he'd seen down the street on his way here.
He was still madly in love with Elora. But he was scared to do anything because maybe she didn't want him back. There would be rejection and he wouldn't be able to enjoy the next day if she was still around.

  Wyatt quietly moved more to the back of the room, and snuck out and up to his room. As he moved up the stairs, he heard Jack shriek and Finn let out an oof sound. He guessed that Jack had tackled or climbed on top of him and maybe even brought him to the ground. His ears faintly picked up the sound of Elora's warm laugh. When he reached his room, he left the door open and made his way to his bed, sitting down.
He put his head in his hands and rested his elbows on his knees.

    "Jeremy hold me!"
"Jack, you're not as small as you used to be I'm not sure if I can-" Jeremy was cut of when Jack leaked into his arms and somehow climbed onto his shoulders. Elora couldn't help but laugh so had her face turned red. As she had been the whole time, she went to glance at Wyatt, and realized that he wasn't in the room.

  "Uhm... excuse me I'm gonna go to the washroom." She announced, but it seemed to go unnoticed. Finn simply waved a hand at her, flipping his hair.
She got up from her seat on the couch and walked to the stairs, climbing them carefully all the way to the top.

   She didn't quite know her way to Wyatt's room, because she'd never been to his house before. All of the doors upstairs were closed but one, and the light was on inside.
So Elora approached it, and peeked her head silently inside, to see Wyatt sitting depressingly on his bed. He didn't seem to notice her presence.

  "Hey... can I come in?" She asked.
He lifted his head up and nodded. Elora walked over and sat beside him on the bed, letting out a breath as she did. There was awkward silence for a minute until Wyatt spoke up.

  "I miss you." He said.
She felt a warm feeling in her stomach, almost like butterflies, and being flustered at the same time. She blushed pink and a smile made a way to her face. Then she remembered that they were on a break, and all because she cheated on him with Millie.

   "I miss you too and... I'm really, really sorry. I don't know what I was thinking and... I'm such an idiot." She replied.
"I know that you didn't mean it, I was just really hurt, about the whole thing." Wyatt said, breathing out.

His eyes traveled down to where her hand rested on her leg, and slowly reached out to grab it. Then they were holding hands. Elora was a blushing mess and tried to look away as much as possible to hide the fact. "Can the break be over?" Wyatt asked.

There was no questioning that she was gonna say yes. And she did. Slowly and carefully, she leaned in and kissed him on the lips, closing any uncomfortable space between them. It was short and sweet but still made her swoon, and never want it to be over.
When it was, however, it was because her phone was buzzing in her back pocket. Elora groaned, having to break apart from her boyfriend. Her groan quickly turned to a gasp when she saw that it was her manager.

Two months back, she'd auditioned for the role of Sabrina Spellman in a new Netflix show, based off of the chilling adventures of Sabrina, that were usually in the Archie comics. Elora quickly pressed accept and held the phone to her ear. "Hello?" She spoke.

"Hey Elora, uh- big news, you got the part!"

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