Chapter 17: Magnoshuttat and Magic

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Short Preview:

[Y/N] sang a song for Kougyoku. However, it caught many people's attention like the Witch of Al-Thamen. Soon they had dinner, [Y/N] embarrassed herself in front of Gyokuen who is normally crazy when other people did that but she just pat [Y/N] on the head and dismiss it. At night, [Y/N] could not sleep so she went out and Gyokuen found her awake. They talk a special topic and soon went to sleep but did not know that a Magi was listening.



'What.. That witch is acting strange... [Y/N] looks like her sister?' I question myself while both [Y/N] and the witch is bidding each other goodbye. I was going to go to sleep too in my chamber but I stopped when [Y/N] spoke a sentence out loud enough for me to hear, "I guess I am the only one who haven't change." I widened my eyes as the witch turns around too. A presence fills me, a presence which I never imagine will come from that witch. Fear.

Gyokuen looks terrified as she muttered something that I can never though of. She turns back and continue walking to her chamber with the ill King. I would love to see trouble to happen between both of them but I can't allow my [Y/N] to be harm in any way. I decided to continue this new information next day and went to my chamber. I just slam myself down onto the bed and let darkness to take over me.



I was walking to Kouen's study room after playing with Kougyoku dress up. Thinking of the dreadful memory I quicken my pace and soon, I'm outside Kouen's study room. I was about to knock when I overheard what seems like Kouen, Koumei and Kouha's voice inside. " I will g.. to c......te th... mis...on in Magnoshutatt." I gulp a bit as I knew.. It was going to be that day. The first time Ill Ilah comes into this world. I slam the door open and smile nicely. The boys was surprise but quickly compose themselves.

I breathe in a bit then say, "I want to go Magnoshutatt." "WHATTT!!!" Kouha and Koumei exclaims very loudly, making me and Kouen cover our poor ears. "I said I want to go Magnoshutatt." I say again with determination. Kouen just stare at me, "Why?" He spoke with curiosity of what I want to do in Magnoshutatt. "To explore." I continue and stare back at him in his eyes.

After a few moment, Kouen sigh, breaking the contact, "Alright. After all, I did promise your two cat friends at the island to let you explore the world," Kouha and Koumei look at Kouen weirdly. "Under two conditions." Oh boy, this made me interested in the conditions. "One, you have to help us get information on Magnoshutatt which means you must join the academy, " I nod. He starts holding my hand and put something in it. "Two, if you are in any danger, blow the whistle. It will send rukh to signal us that you are in danger." I smile brightly and nod happily. "Thank you Kouen!" I hug him as he seems to be surprise a bit but just accept the hug.

"Wait [Y/N]-chan, you're coming with me?" Kouha ask me as I let go of Kouen. "Bingo!" And soon I am in my room seeing Kouha packing my bag for the trip and stay at Magnoshutatt. As seem the world wants me to go, it was already the next day and I'm already going off. Kougyoku cry when I was leaving while Kouen, Koumei and Hakuei hug me and bid me farewell with safety. Judar suddenly appear out of nowhere.

He held me hands in his while muttering something. He looks into my eyes and kissed my forehead with farewell. I am confused but just shook it off. And soon, Kouha and I head out in the carriage which was huge... Kouha had three maids who wants him to hit them which I don't really approve of.

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