Vampire - Chris Motionless

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Is abusive at the end but nothing too big.

First update in the new year, happy new year. Leave everything bad in 2017, start fresh this year!

Also, He's met to be a bad Dom and the character is supposed to be manipulated at least a bit.


Chris's POV-

My throat burns as I walk down the dark street, I'm starving, I haven't ate in days since we started the tour.  All the shows have weakened us, being surrounded by people jumping and shoving each other makes their scents tempt us.

The guys, especially Vinny have been weakened to the point we can't play without them losing control, Vinny is the youngest so his blood thirst comes faster and is harder to control. Me on the other hand, am the oldest so me being this blood hungry is unusual, I can control it but it's getting harder by the second.

We've split up to find, I hate to say it, Meals. We need to feed and we just happen to be on a break from traveling, it gave us a perfect opportunity to hunt.

As I pass cemetery gates, my body suddenly freezes and an involuntary growl leaves my throat as I smell blood, it smells sweet and delicious. I quickly but quietly enter the gates, eager to feed, I follow the scent farther into the dark graveyard.

Keeping my steps silent as I feel my fangs grow my eyes turn black as the scent gets closer, I can tell the person is a girl, guys blood isn't as sweet, more so sour. I follow the scent to a large tree, where it's the strongest, right as I go to move around it I hear a giggle from the other side of the tree.

I freeze, listening for voices or trying to find another scent, but don't smell one and don't hear anything besides light tapping on a screen. Keeping silent, I step to the side of the tree, seeing a beautiful girl leaning against it as she sits on the ground.

Her small frame in a black ripped skinny jeans, a black crop and combat boots, her skin is pale and her eyes are bright, both lit up by her phone and shes no older then 26 or 27.

Her outfit hugs her curves wonderfully and shows me different places I can feed from, her throat is small, I bet I could wrap my hand around it and I'd have no room to bite her.

I watch her type on her phone, not realizing she's being preyed on or her near future of being fed on. She scoffs, shaking her head and rolling her eyes before typing again, this time faster.

"Fucking bitch..." I hear her mumble softly, pausing her typing to move her hair from her face and neck, revealing her unbitten skin and her pulse to me.

I hold the urge to immediately attack her and a low growl in, her blood smells even more fulfilling and sweet, I can imagine its warm. It's like her pulse is teasing me, beating through her skin where her delicious blood flows, pumping it around her body and keeping her alive. For the time being, anyway.

"Visiting someone?"

I'm unable to hold back any longer, needing to catch her attention so I can get her pulse up, that's what I like the most besides blood. Feeling and hearing their pulse speed up then slow and completely stop as I feed, I love it.

"Holy fucking Satan!" The girl jumps, her phone dropping to the ground as she stands up and turns to me, quickly. That's new, I never heard one say that before, but she's wrong, Satan isn't holy.

But, her pulse did speed up and her quick movements made her bloods scent fly around, only testing my blood thirst even more.

"Jesus. Man, don't do that, nearly gave me a heart attack. Fuck." She puts a small hand where her heart is as she calms her breathing.

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