Chapter 2

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Lauren's POV

It has already been three whole days and I still haven't thought on how should I approach the student council president whom I needed to win over.

Unlike me who was easy going, lazy, stubborn and arrogant, she's the complete opposite of me.

She was smart, strict, hardworking and most of all gorgeous.

I have run-ins with her a couple of times before due to my tardiness or my skipping and all I knew was that she hated my guts or to be precise, she hated people like me who doesn't care about anything and everything because of our rich parents.

Well, she's right. I'm one of those people who took things for granted.

She's also well known in this school to be the 'ice princess'. In all my years, I haven't seen her with any friends except her loyal vice President.

The vice president, whom my number one rival in being the most popular was also her number one suitor. I just don't know why she wouldn't date him. Admittedly, they do look good with each other.

I know my usual tactics and pick up lines won't work with her. She's not like the other students here that'll jump into me the second I showed them interest.
Now I need to find a way for her to finally recognize me.

It's academically impossible for me to show off. Studying gave me a lot of headache. It'll be too much for my tiny brain that I'm afraid it might explode.

As I walked around the field while making a plan and various strategies, I failed to notice the on coming ball that's headed in my direction.


"Oh my goddness! Are you okay?"

"I'm so sorry!"

I heard voices but most of them were blur and I can't comprehend anything. My head's spinning and my visions were a blur.

"It's okay, I'll handle this." Said the voice. It was familiar but I can't put a face on it. "Go back to the game."

I sat and shook my head slowly to clear my vision. My eyes widened when I saw the girl that I needed to woo sitting closely beside me. "What the hell happened?"

"Our team was clearing the ball and unfortunately it went towards your head. Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm good." I replied. This was my chance I needed to make a good conversation with her. "I never peg you for a soccer girl."

"I'm not. It's one of my responsibilities as the student council president to oversee the matches and our school is the host tonight."

"Oh..." I feint in innocence. "I thought you're cheering for your boyfriend." I then pointed at the school's vice president.

"Austin's not my boyfriend. He's just my friend."

"If you say so." I shrugged and waited for her reaction but I saw none. She wasn't defensive nor reactive. She's just... Blank. "I think I'm a little dizzy." I faked when I stood up and wiggle a little, if I have to get this girl then I need to do everything to make her like me.

"Let me take you to the clinic." Yes! She took the bait! "I just have to inform the team, wait here."

She went back and told one of the coaches about it then ran back here, I remained seated as I watched her move. "Come on, let me help you up." She held me by the shoulder and I took this apportuniy to wrap my arms around her waist. It was the first time that I have gotten this close to her and at that point, I felt a very thick wall around her.

It made me curious and I realized that I wanted to know her more.

Camila's POV

I stood behind the reserves and tried to cheer for our soccer team. I wasn't into sports but I'm responsible in overseeing the game that was being hosted by our school.

The score was tied to 1 with a little more minutes to go until half time. Usually, I just make sure that the drinks, med kits, balls and stuff were all organized and prepared then I'll leave. But Austin was the captain of the soccer team and he asked me to watch.

They were in the heat of the game, both teams were fighting like it was their last. Our team's currently in the third place and the team that we were fighting was last year's champion.

Our opponent stole the ball and ran towards the goal post, the goalkeeper held his position while his defenders tried to block the attacker, but the attacker as I studied was last year's MVP and the captain. When he was about to shoot, Austin came from nowhere and kicked the ball to the side, clearing it.

We looked at the direction of the ball and I saw a student got hit. One of the reserves tried to help but I said I'll handle it. It was my job to oversee all the students after all.

"Are you okay?" I ran towards her but she seemed daze.

"What the hell happened?" She asked while holding her head then I explained to her what happened.

It was then that I realized that the girl that was hit was Lauren, who was the number one player in the school. Based on the info that was sent to me, she had slept was almost half the school's population. I just don't have time to verify if it was true or not, gossip could be overly exaggerating.

But one thing for sure, she always had different girls per week based on my own observation.

I don't know where she had the idea of me being Austin's girlfriend, I think it's because he's around me most of the time but he's just a good friend. He did court me but I turned him down.

I have no idea why I have to defend myself to this girl. Being Austin's girlfriend isn't really a bad thing but still, it doesn't feel right.

"I think I'm a little dizzy." She said when she wiggled upon standing up.

"Let me take you to the clinic." I offered. I believe Austin will understand and it's almost half time anyway. I'll be back before the game ends.

I ran back and told the assistant coach what happened and he just dismissed me for his so focused on the game. "Damn!" He said when the goalkeeper caught the ball.

Lauren remained seated as I ran back to her. "Let me help you." I offered again and supported her using my shoulder and she held me by my waist. It was the first time that I had gotten close to someone other than my family. Her scent was intoxicating and I felt something in my veins that I can't explain but I knew exactly what.

We walked in silence towards the clinic as I pulled my walls up. I can't get close to her no matter what.

Austin's POV

Our team was currently facing last year's champion.

Unfortunately last year, we only landed the third place which really sucked. I wasn't the captain then because I was only junior. With respect to former team captain, he got skills but a soccer team can't win with only two good players.

The score is tied to 1. I managed to land a good one but there captain got it back in less than 10 minutes. From then on, we kept on battling each other.

I saw him stole the ball and passed through our defense. I ran as fast as I could in order to help the defense. I must win this game specially today that Mila's watching. I must prove to her that I'm not just a rich boy and I'm both academic and sports capable.

He tried to shoot but I managed to clear the ball to the side. We all looked and I saw that somebody fell.

As a student council president, Mila was the one who took care of it. Glancing back, I noticed that it was Lauren! My only rival in this school when it comes to popularity amongst women.

"Austin! Get back to the game!." Our coach yelled and I went back inside the field. "Damn it!" That girl was a real pain in my ass.

The referee then whistled to mark the end of the first half. We all went to our team to rest and to organize. But I wasn't paying any attention to any of his words as my attention was locked to the arms that was around Mila's waist.

I'll get you for that one day, asshole!

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