Mystery Caller

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Hello Bloomers, here's the new chapter. It was a blast writing this chapter, it was fun doing it in a different POV. Happy Memorial Day!! I want to dedicate this chapter to my brother who served in the marines. 

Danny’s POV

“Where has Danny gone because you are definitely not him?” Julia hissed as she pried my arm off of her. “I really don’t want this fight to get worst so I will go find another bed.” She explained as she slammed the door shut.

I felt awful fighting with Julia, I knew that she only wanted to be here to help, but it’s that stupid wolf man. He’s already admitted that he plans on being with Julia, am I just supposed to sit here and let him take her away from me. Julia is the only family I have left.

I should go and apologize to her, but that will just make her think that I condone her staying. And I don’t. I decided to get off the bed and go back to my desk, work was the best distraction. As I was focusing on some new class material, I heard some echoes of laughter. At first I just ignored it, but as it continued I recognized that the laughter was Julia’s. Could she really be having a good time, while I’m here sulking in my own self-pity?

I felt my anger surge through my veins, slamming my laptop shut, I went to go see what was going on. As I was stomping down the hall, I could tell that the other laughter was a man’s. I was praying that it wasn’t Ben’s, but once I went down the stairs and into the hall I could tell it was indeed Ben’s laughter.  I decided to just stay there and listen in to their conversation. For the first few minutes they were talking about pointless junk, but then he started asking Julia about her sleeping accommodations. Before I could even hear the rest I felt some tap my shoulder. I jumped back sacred that I had been caught.

“It’s not nice to eavesdrop.” A, curly black haired, woman smirked at me, like a cheshire cat.

“I wasn’t I had just wanted to get a glass of water.” I say hoping that she would just drop it and let me go.

I begin to walk back towards the stairs after she didn’t say anything. “Isn’t the kitchen that way.” She simpered as she points to the opposite direction.

“Yes it is, but I realized that I had a bottle in my room.” I fake laugh as I make my way up the stairs.

“Aren’t you Juliana’s fiancé?” she inquires stopping me in my tracks.

I turn around to find she is right behind me. “Yes I am.” My answered seemed to please her greatly.

“While I’m Sabrina, Ben’s mate.” She grins and extends her hand for a shake.

I look at her hand for a couple seconds wondering what she is up too, but decide to shake back. “Ben has a mate, I thought Julia was his?” I ask confused, but interested.

“He is just playing little games to make me jealous, but I’m worried for Juliana. Ben likes to pick on the new girls and he doesn’t even realize the harm he does to those poor things.” She informs me seeming genuinely concerned.

“Harm?” I ask mortified of what might happen to Julia. She’s the only person I have, I will do anything to protect her.

“He gets the girls to fall in love with him and then comes back to me. Some girls even commit suicide from a broken heart. What’s worse is that many already have mates.” Sabrina states and continues to go on seeing that I am all ears. “I can see your concern and I want to help you, but I think it might be too late.” She puts her head down and turns away.

“What do you mean!” I panic as I grab her arm spinning her to face my direction. What could that monster have done to Julia?

“Please follow me.” she releases my arm from her and passes me on the stairs. We walk down the hall and up some stairs that I had never seen before. On the next floor it’s empty of doors, except for one. Sabrina turns around to sign to be quiet and slowly opens the door.

I peak inside to see a female on top of a male, who seem to be in the heat of the moment. I wonder why we’re intruding on their private moment, but then I hear the man say Julia. At closer inspection I see that the female is in fact Julia, my Julia. I was about to storm in, but Sabrina held me back. “Not now!” she warns me pissed at my actions. Not able to endure any more, I turn away and head down the hall. I hear footsteps behind me and Sabrina calling me.

“I have a plan!” she mentions as she manages to get in front of me. And then pulls me into another room.

“What kill him?” I yell as I push her away as I try to exit.

“Not quite.” She says. I turn around in shock because at first I thought I was imagining things. “What I mean, is that he does this to me often and I’m done.” Her voice breaks and she looks like she is about to cry. “I have a friend from a neighboring pack, who will do anything for me. The only thing he asks in return is Ben.” She tells me as she wipes the tears from her face.  

“Why Ben?” I ask skeptical of the whole situation.

“It’s because Ben stole the guy’s mate. And he has never gotten over it. So the only thing he wants is Ben, but the issue is Ben is the strongest alpha in the country, maybe even the world. And he only has one weakness.” She explains while waiting for me to finish her sentence.

But I have no clue what his weakness is. “What?” I ask intrigued, the faster I get him away from Julia the better.

“Are you really going to ask me that!” she tells me annoyed of such a stupid question, but I look at her dumbfounded. “It’s your fiancé!” she almost yells and then quickly calms herself down.

“So what do you want me to do?” I ask confused on how I work into the whole equation.

“I want you to get Juliana to leave. She will be safe away from Ben. And when she is gone he will become weaker and weaker as the day’s go by.” She advises me as she waits for my response. “So are you in or out?” she asks irritated at my delayed answer.

“Do you promise Julia won’t be harmed.” I strongly voice, if she is going to be harmed I won’t do it.

“I promise, so are you going to help?” she wonders as she paces in front of me.

“Yes I will help.” I extend my hand and she shakes it, sealing our arrangement. Before I can even ask any more questions she disappears. I head back to our bedroom, content that I can save Julia. Now what can I say to make Julia leave?

Sabrina’s POV

That was probably the easiest convincing I had ever had to do. Humans are beyond pitiful creatures. Once I made it to my bedroom, I quickly locked the door and went in search for my hidden phone. I rung the number I had memorized and had to only wait for one ring.

“I did what you asked. Now do I get Ben?” I update my neighboring friend.

“Good, have you found the secret entrance?” he conceals his voice as he asks about my progress; completely ignoring my question.

I don’t immediately answer, “No sir, I haven’t been able to get into his office. He has been spending a lot of time in their lately.”

“I didn’t ask for an excuse, did I?” his voice booms through the phone, chilling me to the bone.

“No sir, I just need some more time.” I quickly respond trying to get back on his good side.

“I’m losing my patience, two more days. That’s it!” He instructs as he slams the telephone down.

Like all the other times, I throw the cell into the fireplace. As I watch the metal melting in the flames, I get more excited. Once I find the secret plans, Ben will become mine. I hate to admit it, but it hurt tonight seeing how easily he could toss me away. Before that thing came, I was all he wanted.

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