Just Getting Started

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May 31, 2014

Just My Typical Tuesday Night Watching Romance Movies On Netflix With My Best Friends Allison And Clarissa.

"So Give Is The 411 On What's Going On Between You And Jake" Said Clarissa

"Yeah I'm Dying To Know" Said Allison

"Guys How Many Times I Have To Tell You He Doesn't Like Me He Made His Point Today When He Climbed On The Table At Lunch And Told The Whole University" I Said (Yeah I'm In College And I'm About To Graduate With My Masters)

"That Jerk" Said Allison

"It Doesn't Matter Any Way No Guy Ever Found Me Attracted" I Said

" *Gasp* Maddison Rose Harrison Don't You Ever Said That Your One Of The Most Beautiful Girls I Know" Said Allison

"Ugh Boys Are So Stupid" Said Clarissa

"WhatEver What Movie Are We Watching Tonight?" I Said

"How About A Royal Affair" Said Clarissa

"I'm Going To Turn In Early Tonight Guys See You Tomorrow Im Going To My Dorm"

"Okay Good Night Maddison" Clarissa And Allison Said In Unison

"Making My Way Downtown

Walking Fast

Faces Pass

And I'm Home Bound Din-Nin-Nin-Nin-Nin- Ugh" *Falls*

"OH MY GOD Are You Okay Miss"

"I'm Fine Thanks"

"I'm Sorry I Wasn't Looking Where I Was Going"

"It's Okay Honestly I'm Fine"

"I'm Aiden By The Way"

"Well Aiden My Name Is Maddison"

"That's A Beautiful Name"

"Thanks I Uh Have To Go Back To My Dorm It's Past Curfew So Good Night It Was Nice Meeting You Though"

"Okay Good Night Maddison *Calls SomeOne* I Found Her When Do Proceed With The Plan"

"Not Yet It's Too Soon"

"Okay Bye" Said Aiden

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