Chapter 5: Aged Sceptre

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Glinda's POV

The emerald crystal glowed eerily this night at the tower. The prophecy about a princess came three days ago, but this is different. Something's not right.

What's going on?

I ran to see the crystal, green mist sparks with the magical fog as if it's fighting for power. I managed to control the crystal and by will, a message appears.

The crystal showed a woman wearing a silky dress, she was in her mid-fifties. Her ponytail shone as the moonlight hits it. The magic's reception was poor due to the green mist clinging on with the crystal.


I gave it more breeze and the image was clear again, the green mist clanged to me and gave me an intense head ache. It felt like needles were circulating in my nerves.

"Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses, your highnesses and majesties, good evening. I am Frau Holle, the headmistress of Camp Grimwilhelm. This is an emergency message to all of you. If you are receiving this, the evil queen has obtained the staff of the late Maleficent, she is collecting the four legendary pieces. I highly recommend that you should ready the defenses of your kingdoms and rejuvenate the magic in your area because in the next blue moon, blood would be shed..."


The green mist was poisoning the crystal and my powers can't handle the sick element anymore that the reception of the message decreased and started cutting between sentences.

"Unless the campe— we've sent succeeds — quest. As you can see, you might notice some dark m— lu— and sipping the ene— in your magic, this is the first m—e of the evil —n to collect pow— We've found out that the only t— that would counter the powe— staff is —..."

Is what?

The crystal flashed in failure, it was not a magical crystal anymore but just a chunk of rock. But I did not give up, I shot the crystal with intense energy enough to revive it from the wicked element.

"...the — of t— late f—y Go—"

And with that, a green blast shot me with some sort of sonic waves. My ears rang so hard it felt like it's bleeding, I screamed at the top of my lungs because of the excruciating pain yet the sound is still there. I covered my ears, and from that moment, it became silent. When I came up to my senses, I look around only to find hundreds of bubbles at the tower. I tidied myself back to my room and hoped to sleep this night.

I smiled warmly at the people of Emerald City. The fountains were ornamented in an elegant manner, and the sun was friendly at high noon. The day was perfect.

"Is everything ready?" I asked

"Yes, your highness" The maids were outstanding with their table works, emerald silk draped along the rich marble tables as the cooks served the food. The sunlight gave the royal gardens a whimsical look with the crystal flowers blooming wildly and reflected colorful beams of light at the current that even I sighed at the magnificent sight.

I have to tell the people I thought

Just like the prophecies said, I readied myself and was about to go to the podium.

"Queen Glinda?" Finley called

"Good morning Finley, are you ready?" I asked as his tiny wings flapped while he approached me with his soft furry face mixed with excitement and nervousness.

"Of course, are you okay?" he asked

"The dangers ahead of us, it really keeps me awake. I think it's much worse than what happened 3 years ago" I replied

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