Chapter 4: Carter De Ville

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Red's POV

I was tossing in my bed for almost an hour, I can't sleep! Everything I've expected was way out of what's going to happen. A queen? Some magical flower? What the pixies is that mirror talking about?

I decided to get some milk. It was 0132 as I saw someone on the balcony, Goldy, she said she wants to sleep in my room this night. I bet she's having a bad time too. She's gone through a lot this day. I grabbed some milk and went to her.

"Are you okay?" She asked

"Better than fine, just a little confused" I said

"I think it's just a hoax" I look up at the sky and see clusters of stars.

"Red, magic mirrors don't lie, Trust me." Goldy looked deadly serious.

"It's just too impossible Goldy"

Questions buzzed in my head yet no answers fell at my feet.

"Look Red, whatever the hell's going on is probably destined, but always remember that I will always be here for you" She smiled and hold my hand and I felt like I had a real family, like there's someone who really cares for me, and I appreciate that.

"Thank you, Goldy" I pouted and gave her a hug.

"Are mermaids real?" Goldy randomly asked with her eyes gleaming in curiosity.

"Probably extinct, you did see how those eels attacked Grimmrose with her charm last Monday. Don't worry, I promise that someday, the two of us will see a real life mermaid. An eel-free, KIND mermaid" I replied as we burst into laughing

"That's a promise?" She gave a grin.

"Of course I won't forget, we were kids when we had that dream" I winked at me. We laugh and went straight to bed. My eyes immediately shut as my face hit the pillow.

"The rumors were real, she is the most beautiful!"

"Ahhh!!! It's really her!"

"Was it really her?!"

That was just some of the things I've heard while Goldy and I walked towards the council room to discuss the prophecy. It's been two days since the prophecy. The headmistress said that I would be in a quest and today's going to be that day where I and two campers are to be decided to go and stop the evil plans of the Queen. I looked at my campmates who were laughing and enjoying their day to their classes. I can't help but feel sorry, they don't know anything about the danger that's coming in days.

"Is there a new camper? Who's beautiful? Pfft" Goldy said as she rolled her eyes

I cackled a bit as I pushed the door to the council room open, I saw the elders that's lining up in the back. Inside the council room looks just like a court room except it was filled with old elves, fairies and dwarves. Most of them are elves judging from their pointed ears, they wore robes in green hues. The elder dwarves had beards that almost touched the tip of their boots. Robin was there, talking with the other elves and a very beautiful girl. I was dumbfounded by her looks.

"Hair as black as night, skin fair as snow, lips red as blood. Red, it's really her, the girl, the fairest of them all" Goldy said sheepishly

"...Snow White" we said in chorus.

"Red, I was looking for you. Come, we are about to begin" The headmistress said as she climbs up into the podium. Snow gave us a casual smile as I gave mine back.

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