the wolf children : Ame and Yuki chapter thirteen

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After that day, i stopped going to school. I wasn't like Ame, i didn't try to do other things. But instead i just laid in bed like i was in some sort of depression. But someone other than Ame and my Mother cared about me when i was like that. Souhei did, he brought me food for breakfast and some homework from school. But although i ate it and did the homework, i still never went to school.

Ame on the other hand was surprisingly and export on nature at that point. When he saw that there was going to be an alive wolf exibit he got really excited and asked mom if he could go. She said yes. He was so happy to see another wolf too, but when they arrived he could tell it wasn't going to go exactly the way he wanted. " Excouse me but could i ask you something?" Mother asked the wolf. " This boy is actually a wolf, could you tell me how you became an adult?" No answer " Please don't be shy." no answer still. When their tour guilde returned , Mother asked where the wolf was from. " Oh it's from America I think." " So it's not Japanese?" " No, we got this fella from a zoo." " So he's not a wild wolf..." She said utterly disapointed. On the way home from work Ame asked her " Was dad like that too?" " No he was different, why do you ask?" he sighed " Because that wolf looked lonely..." he looked out the window " I wish i could have met dad..." she sighed and said " Me too."

Souhei had tried to leave a note in secret but my mother had caught him. " Are you the one that keeps leaving Yuki food and homework?" She asked him. He nodded and took a sip of the soda mother had given him. " I just feel bad that I'm the reason Yuki won't go to school." My mother sighed and said " Hey Souhei, can I ask you something?" " Like what?" " How do you feel about wolves?" he must have thought this was a strange question to ask " Their cool I guess..." " You guess?" " well I mean i don't hate them that's all." My mother smiled " Good to know"

When my Mom had told me what he said, I decided to go to school again. But when i went outside Souhei was waiting. When he came up to me he pointed to the bandage on his ear and said " This makes me look ridiculus , right?" he then snatched the bandage right off. I winced. He then said " Looks cool , wanna feel?" He grabbed my hand and placed it on the scratch mark. He slowly pull it down infront of his face to get a good look at my hand. I pulled away quickly, and said " Let's just go to school, okay."

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